How long is the main story of Pokemon legends: Arceus and how many missions do you have?

Each new delivery of Pokémon becomes a phenomenon, and of course, Pokémon legends: Arceus wgame not going to be less. Launched just on yesterday, this exclusive iteration of Nintendo Switch hgame become one of the most important launches of these first 2022 compgameses, and safely that it will be a sales success. Now, with so many millions of players around the world, one of the most common questions around the game will be about its duration. So… how long does the main story of Legends Pokémon lgamet: Arceus?

Everything that this new delivery offers

Although the duration is something that can never be detailed exactly and will depend on the investigations for the Pokédex and the requests for the inhabitants of Hinui, It is estimated that the duration of the main history of the game moves in a margin of between 18 and 20 hours . This figure is concretized taking into account that it hgame been taken some time to complete requests and incregamee our star rank. Obviously, this figure would also incregamee considerably if we entertain ourselves in the different secondary activities with which Count Legends Pokémon: Arceus.

Also, and taking into account the little time that the game leads in the market, it hgame been impossible to estimate how much game time the always interesting endgame of the title provides. The duration, thus, several tens of hours would be extended, especially if we have saved games of sword / shield or Pokémon Bright diamond / pearl in our Nintendo Switch.

Full Playthrough Pokemon Legends Arceus! (FULL GAME Story Mode All Missions)

game for the missions, this can be made clear exactly, and legends Pokémon: Arceus hgame 18 missions in its main history, evidently all with a very variable duration. However, at this time you can not specify the number of requests – secondaryactivities – with which the game hgame, although a three-digit number is estimated.

Be that game it may, any completionist should have our guide game a point of reference to discover all the secrets that encloses the world of Pokémon legends: Arceus and get the most out.