Elias Huth (Hallescher FC): “We have been cheated”

In the 3rd league, there is known no video assistant referee, short var. Franz Bokop from Vechta would certainly have wished for a Saturday afternoon in Braunschweig. The 31-year-old referee decided the third-ligadable between the Eintracht and the Halleschen FC (1: 0) with a mistake that could be expensive for the guests.

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“I asked him, I would like to get it explained,” said a rushed Elias Hutth after “Magenta sport”. “I do not know what he has fucked there. It just can not be that such a situation that can hardly be back, it will be repeated. It’s incredible.” The anger of the new HFC striker was completely comprehensible, because his explanation hit the black: “Dariusz (Joscha Wosz, Note d. Red.) Is in the away, but the ball comes from the opponent.”

In fact, Braunschweig’s Jannis Nikolaou had actually played the only newly obligated and substituted Hallenser Wosz in the penalty area. The rules leave a little scope: away only if the pass is given from your own teammate. “We’ve been cheated by a point,” Huth Castle with a desperate look. Given the table situation of his new club, the missing point could actually be very pain.

“It used for three minutes to discuss with the line magistrate”

Halles Trainer André Meyer, who had been failed at least partially successful debut, looked only a little more relaxed than Huth. “The referee has made a decision. He has used three minutes to discuss with his liner, which had actually happened. That shows that the situation was not clear for both.” Bokop explained to him that he had the feeling that the ball had come from an indoor. “In case of doubt do not give the gate, I find borderline,” Meyer continued. “And the pictures also show that it was a clear gate.”

The Hallensers should not forget that the BTSV on the other side in the final minute could have gotten a penalty or even (Sternberg on Müller). Again, Franz Bokop would probably have been grateful for the intervention of a Var.