World of Warships: The bestow you

The number of ships as well as the newer submarine is steadily rising at World of Warships. There is an overview of it is hard. Therefore, you will learn in our guide:

  • Which ship is definitely worth picking up
  • Which the best ship for beginners is
  • Which submarines are available

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How to get your ships and submarines in World of Warships

To get ships and submarines in World of Warships, there are many possibilities. The most common is exploring the desired battle boats and buying it through the Ingame currency that you get to successful battles.

But even in the shop there are various beautiful ships to buy. On the one hand, this makes you through steel or coal that you can get from boxes on the other hand classic with real money.

With the submarines, it is a little different. These types of ship have been officially in the game since the end of last year and are still in the test phase. So far you can rent these for 14 days and only if you meet a number of orders.

These ships are worthwhile for beginners

In general, almost all ships of the lower ranks are suitable for beginners. You only have to decide for you, which ship types you want to play. Bear you rather and agile on the way and at the expense of defense, then a cruiser maybe the right boat for you.

Or do you want to teach the fear through an imposing size and a thorough fire force to the enemy? Then you should grab a battleship . But fits the destroyers who can confuse themselves to the biggest battleship.

And last remain the aircraft carrier as supporters on the sea. These large ships send several aircraft that can either bombard other ships directly or let the fatal torpedoes in the water. And yes, you also control the plane.

So that the decision is not too heavy, Here we have a small beginner insider tip for you : Snap a cruiser! We recommend the Kolberg of Level 3, which you find in the German types of ships.

It is the last protected cruiser of the German Navy and impresses with high maneuverability and a high concealment value . Thus, the TorpedoWerfer mounted on deck can be used quickly against enemy battleships, before these are their sluggish protective powers on you.

The horror of the seven oceans: the N. Carolina

The really big ships can be found either in the Japanese or the Americans. So our recommendation: the battleship N. Carolina of the eighth stage.

It is the first American battleship of the new generation built in 1941. As with its real model, the ship in World of Warships has a significantly increased speed and a stable horizontal tank protection.

However, the main focus is the arming of the N. Carolina, which consists of three huge artillery cannons , as well as a variety of smaller guns and flak cannons. And through various upgrades, the protective powers become even more effective. That makes the colossus for a true terror on the battlefield.

Scourging the destroyer: the furutaka

You go the agile destroyers on the nerves? Then it counter with a like manifold cruiser . The Furutaka from Japan is a dreaded example.

The fifth level ship convinces with a high performance, which makes it particularly maneuverable and surviving. To catch this little throat, even the best captains are difficult.

Thanks to the improved artillery weapon with a pyramid-like arrangement of the protective turrets, the Furutaka can also ensure properly frights with a battleship fleet for properly frights with a battleship fleet.

Battle announcement to the battleships: The Jervis

If you ask you how to bring the Titans of the seas to fall, then there is only one answer: the destroyer. The small, very agile and fast ships offer little to artillery, but can be equipped with many different types of torpedoers.

So maneuver sent to the enemy cruisers to the big battleships and bring them quickly with some torpedoams . A very nice copy is the Jervis of the seventh stage. The British destroyer is bigger, faster and better equipped than its predecessors.

Thanks to the modernization, the ship received two on deck torpedoWerfer in addition to the main armament. These are already concerned with a few hits that a battleship or an aircraft carrier visits the ground of the sea.

Not only to watch imposing: The Midway

Again, the Americans triumph with the size of their ships. In this case, the aircraft carrier Midway is the tenth level. Because it is the biggest warship of the US Navy, which was put into the service in 1945. Thanks to its size, the Midway enables a number larger air fleet on deck compared to other models of the same time.


In addition, an excellent torpedo protection, well-armored hulls and flying decks as well as a very powerful air defense ensures that the midway as is almost unobvious . As long as not too many torpedoes enemy destroyers meet them.

And where are the submarines?

To recommend you to a submarine at all, you would have to be able to play one’s first. Because the new marine class, which was first announced in 2019, is in the test phase.

This means that you can not just explore them. Instead, you have to fulfill a number of missions, to then try any of two submarines (German or American) loose for two weeks. And not in every game mode.

But it’s just a matter of time until the underwater monsters are officially connecting to your fleet and then very dreaded robbers become or under the battlefields.

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