Twitch Star: Amouranth Surprised Assistant with Gift for $ 25,000!

The popular twitch streamer Kaitlyn Siragusa Alias ​​Amouranth creates it again and again in the headlines due to crazy actions. Be it through a hardly to be achieved RAP video or when she reveals a big secret to her fans.

This time, it is less concerned with themselves, but their long-standing assistant named Morgan. The incredibly successful streamer can afford to make their employees and girlfriend a madness gift worth 25,000 US dollars ! What did she bought her?

Also interesting: stupid mistake costs Amouranth 2 million dollars a year!

Who is your assistant?

The Twitch-Star Amouranth does not come out without a whole team of employees. No wonder, they even steal even when sleeping.

That’s why the 28-year-old equal to the same several assistants, one of them is Morgan, who has been working for the streamer for many years. Amouranth does not just call her as a good friend, but even as a kind of mother.

I spent a day with AMOURANTH

Why the expensive gift?

“I wanted to return for your great help for a long time and now I have found the perfect way for it.” Explains Amouranth in a YouTube video.

As the streamer was recently learned, the car of her assistant Morgan has been destroyed at a car accident. The perfect opportunity for Amouranth to show grateful.

What did she buy her?

She let Morgan pick a car and bought her the vehicle. The assistant decided for a car of the brand Subaru for around $ 25,000.

Amouranth kids about the choice that Morgan has met. She would have paid her her also a luxury car like a Tesla or McLaren. But Morgan is absolutely happy with your decision: “In I’m more practical, I do not need anything crazy or unusual.”

Streamerin suffers from your career

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