The Lafke of Bloodborne is now available!

Bloodborne - FULL GAME WALKTHROUGH - No Commentary
Last year it was revealed that a delay of _ Bloodborne _, in the style of PlayStation 1, was already under development. Throughout 2020 we saw a series of updates that demonstrated the great potential of this project. Now, after 13 months of waiting, today has been confirmed that bloodbornepsx is now available for free download on pc.

This is, at this time you can now enter this site, and download one of the most impressive demakes of recent years. Basically, all the elements of the game, the camera, the combat, the visual style, and everything else, have adapted to something that we could have originally seen in the PlayStation 1.

In recent years we have seen more and more defaults that show us an interesting facet of this industry. However, most of these works end up being created specifically to amaze fans. Fortunately, _ bloodbornepsx_ is a totally interactive experience that is probably the final project of this trend by carrying new games to old consoles.

On related topics, this would look like a caricature of bloodborne. Similarly, rumors of a remaster and sequel to this title remain strong.