SWTOR: Legacy of the Sith

In the galaxy, a new war is raging! The Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire give the handle in his hand and conjure up a conflict that will determine the future of countless worlds. While in the galaxy rages a bloody war, the legendary villain Darth Malgus bet everything on one card and sets off for Elom. About this mysterious world, which is dotted with ruins of ancient Sith temples, little is known. What mysteries lie hidden there? And why Malgus, who previously distinguished himself above all as a warrior, suddenly interested Sith archeology?

In the latest teaser for legacy of the Sith SWTOR we get a first look at Elom and the mighty Sith pyramid, lurking in the dangerous creatures on unwanted visitors.

The SWTOR extension “legacy of the Sith” will be released on February 15, 2022 . More information about the new expansion is available in our special product on the official site of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The mystery of the ancient Sith and Elom

The story of SWTOR goes on the planet Elom with the discovery of a destroyed Sith fortress on, which was strangely erased from all records. Source: BioWare Darth Malgus and his search for the secrets of the first Sith are the focus of the story the next SWTOR extension. What hopes Darth Malgus on Elom to find? This puzzle is the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of speculation, which is currently circulating on the net.

All that is what we currently know about the story of “legacy of the Sith” that we solve the mystery of Elom and must stop Malgus before the Sith achieved its objectives. However, this is no easy task, as there are almost no records of Elom. This gloomy planet is considered the cradle of the Sith, there the first Dark Lords and Ladies have explored the ways of the dark side of the Force. At this point, Sith Lord Darth Knabl comes into play. This sinister Lord we are just as many riddles as Elom itself. Although Darth Knabl was apparently incredibly powerful, its name from nearly all transcripts has been deleted. The strange fact that Knabl does not appear even in ancient myths and legends of the Sith Empire.

Who was this ominous Lord Darth Knabl who laid the foundation stone for the first Sith Order on Elom? And what makes it so interesting for Darth Malgus? It seems that the civilization that built the Sith on Elom, several centuries was older than that of the old Sith Empire. This means that even if Darth Knabl was not a pure-blooded Sith, he had antique knowledge of the Sith. Thus Darth Knabl was just as dangerous as Tenebrae certainly (better known as Darth vitiate or the first Sith Emperor).

'Legacy of the Sith' Story Teaser

The secrets of immortality

Darth Malgus had to suffer many defeats in recent years. Now the renegade Lord plateau seems to Elom view for the key to ultimate power. Source: BioWare Yes, it is possible that Tenebrae was not the only one who knew about the secret of immortality. This secret knowledge guarded the first Sith Emperor millennia as his eyeball, finally, his immortality was the guarantor of eternal rule. Tenebrae was a long time ensure that this knowledge was lost to the ritual of immortality in the great hyperspace war. But what if he was wrong?

Floating On Elom not only Malgus but also renegade Sith cultists mischief. They have occupied the pyramids and temple ruins of the Sith. The Republic and the Empire are heard rumors that the cultists not only fanatical Sith disciples, but also scientists. They ransacked the grave chambers of the Sith and build there laboratories to do research on something. The dark side of the Force is in these temples now so strong that it is clearly felt by Sith and Jedi beyond the limits of the planet beyond. Clear that this Maelstrom attracts all sorts of sinister creatures and Sith magic. But until Malgus the ruins of Elom has so far not a Sith Lord dared to enter.

If Malgus’ power on Elom unattainable?

If Darth Malgus succeed and get to the secrets of the ancient Sith, he would be just as powerful as the first Sith Emperor. The final disappearance of the Emperor left a power vacuum that Darth Malgus now at all costs wants to fill. Only then, he can subdue the Republic and the Empire of his reign. To stop Darth Malgus, we must follow it up by Elom. However, our heroes come too late. In the video we see how Darth Malgus emerges from the temple and beyond the main entrance of the pyramid when coming out. The big question that remains in the end is: If Darth Malgus reveals the ancient mystery of the Sith, he’s really still reside?

What do you all mean? What is Darth Malgus looking for the Sith ruins of Elom? Is he looking for immortality or there is something that makes it even more powerful than the first Sith imperator? Shares your fan theories with us – and tell us whether you will get started with the Legacy of the Sith immediately to the release!