Microsoft announces great changes in Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft is making great changes in the operation of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. One of these changes involves reimbursements. More specifically, Microsoft will now contact the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold subscribers with 12-month subscriptions and give them the option to end their contract and claim a proportional refund. Previously, this was not possible. This is just one of the few changes in favor of the consumer.

One of the great concerns of subscribing to a subscription is to forget about it. In fact, this is something in what Netflix, Amazon prime and more trust. That said, in the future, Microsoft will get in touch with all existing customers with inactive memberships to stop payments. From here, if inactivity continues, the subscription will stop. We do not know how long it has to happen so that something qualifies as “inactive” and how long it has to continue the inactivity before the subscription is canceled. This information is not provided.

Why is Xbox changing Game Pass?
Microsoft will also provide better alerts about price increases in both subscription services, although, again, it is not clear how this will achieve.

Finally, Microsoft is now committed to providing more information in advance, which includes alerting customers about automatic renovation policies, how to deactivate automatic renovation and how can be granted reimbursements after an accidental automatic renewal.

All this follows the pressure of the market authority and competition from the United Kingdom, which is currently investigating not only automatic renovation policies in Xbox, but also in Nintendo and PlayStation. However, at this time, there is no news of changes in subscription services on these platforms.

«Other companies that offer memberships and subscriptions that are automatically renewed must take note and review their practices to ensure that they comply with the Consumer Protection Law,” said Michael Grenfell, CMA Executive Director on the news.

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