CSGO: Bubzkji is released from astralis and already has the following project

Astralis offered a statement where it explains the situation of Lucas “Bubzkji” Andersen , one of its Counter-Strike players: Global Offensive who remained on the banking since October 2021. It arrived from Mad Lions In the middle of 2020 to conform the group of the stars. However, things took a different turn than expected, added to the complications of the Danish club.

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After the constant renovations throughout 2021, in addition to the Nicolai transfer “Dev1ce” ReedTZ, Astralis seems to have a shaped team. Bubzkji, on the other hand, was after Bambalines and without action in the competitions for months. On January 31, both parties confirmed that they will not continue working together for the season 2022.

“Today, Astralis and Lucas ‘Bubzkji’ Andersen agreed on the completion of his contract . What it means, the player is free to sign with another team or organization without Astralis having obligations in the process, “is read on the official site. Bubzkji was in organizations such as Fragsters and Tricked before playing with Mad Lions. Among the awards of him we have Flashpoint Season 1, winning Made in Brazil for 2-1. In addition to the 4th place at the Circuit BLAST Premier of 2020, in its European edition.

As we mentioned at first, he arrived in Astralis in June 2020. The online era of the Danish Club was not the best, but he had a championship in Dreamhack Masters Winter of that year. Bubzkji replaced Andreas “xyp9x” Højsleth in Vertigo , third map, which was also the last of the series.

Kasper Hvidt , Deportivo Director at Astralis, commented on the movement. He highlighted the weight that Bubzkji had in his way through the team, entering when he was needed and playing in roles that were not the usual for him. He mentioned that they finally came to an agreement that allows the development of both parties, wishing him the best in his future project.

Bubzkji will not play for now . According to the statement of Astralis, he will take the role of CS: GO analyst at the Danish TV channel TV2. It is a unique opportunity in the race of the 23-year-old.