Cristiano Ronaldo as Coverstar: Football simulation UFL wants Fifa

The game developer Knitkerz Inc. has first released Gameplay scenes of his new video game UFL. The highlight of the presentation of football simulation, which comes with the FIFA series in competition, but was the idea of ​​United-Star Cristiano Ronaldo as a new brand ambassador.

In addition to Portuguese, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Roberto Firmino, Romelu Lukaku and Kevin de Bruyne are also among the figures of Ufl. As associations, Strikerz Inc. Sporting, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Besiktas, West Ham United, the AS Monaco, Schachtjor Donetsk and the two clubs from Glasgow for themselves win.

Reacting to the Official UFL Gameplay Trailer!

Already in the past, Ronaldo appeared as a coversstar appearance. For example, EA Sports committed him to the Front of FIFA 18 in 2017. At the long-term competitor per Evolution Soccer, which was renamed Efootball last year, CR7 was even four times on the cover – last with PES 2021 together with Lionel Messi.

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With UFL, a new actor will now be added, the EA wants to keep the status as the most popular football match. Only in August the simulation was presented on Gamescom. The release is expected this year.