Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to get figurestone

Ice cream in Pokemon Legends: Arceus are extremely valuable for the development of Pokemon for their Pokedex. If you need an icestone to turn your EEVEE into a Glacon or your Alolan Vulpix into an Alolan Ninetales, you are exactly right with us.

How to get an ice cream in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

There are several methods to get an ice stone with different levels of difficulty. If you go out the pokedollars and you have to find an ice stone in the wilderness, you have many possibilities.

The first is to ride on the back of Ursulana in the Alabaster Iceland with its grave function to find an icon. To dig with Ursulana, wait for the orange signal in front of his face and run in this direction until Ursualan begins to dig. You have to dig a few times ** one.

The next two are also random. You can find ice creams lying on the floor room-time distortion zones in the whole Hisui region. Also, breaking out of ore in the Alabaster Islands can land an ice stone.

If you have reached the Alabaster Iceland, you may have advised the in the Iceland’s quest on disposals available to you. If so, make the quest and you will receive an ice cream as a reward.

The last two methods are safe paths to get an ice st1. However, it will cost you. Ginter sitting in front of the building of the galactic hall, possibly holding an ice stone you can buy $ 5000 Pokedollars .

In addition, the Merit Shop always keeps ice creams ready 1000 credit points . You can get merit points by picking up satches throughout the HISUI region.

As a reminder, here are all possibilities to get Eisstein in Pokemon Legends: Arceus:

  • Find one with Ursaluna in the Alabaster Islands
  • Pick up in the room-time distortion zones
    Shake it
  • Looking for Iceland went to the wrong
  • Ginters Special ICE Stone Sale for $ 5000 Pokedollars
  • Merit Point Shop for 1000 MP

If you are curious how you get it other evolutionary stones , go over here.

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