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Techland is back once more with Dying Light 2, the sequel to the 2017 Parkour X Zombie-Killing Role game. The virus has successfully destroyed civilization and humanity is moving back to primitive times, with The City, One of the last important human settlements, on the verge of collapse. The survivors are divided and depends on you, as an Aiden protagonist, shape the future of The City and determine the balance of power. Also, with a cooperative mode of up to four players, you are free to go find garbage all over the world with some company in case you need help. There is an absolute ton of content to find in the world, and that is why we have compiled this Dying Light 2 wiki.

This wiki will include everything, from general information about the game, until complete guides of missions and bosses. It will continue to grow as we move more into the game, so be sure to review it regularly.

Wiki The dying light 2

  • Launch Date: Feb. 4, 2022
  • Developer : Techlandia
  • Editor : Techlandia
  • Platforms : PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS5, PS4

General information

  • Preload.
  • Is there a difficulty achievement and a trophy?
  • List of achievements and trophies
  • How long it takes to beat Dying Light 2
  • Are there traps?

Basic concepts – Dying Light 2 Wiki

  • Keeping your game
  • Redeem reservation DLC and get the exclusive gun Hussar
  • Activate and deactivate the flashlight
  • Change of difficulty
  • Skip scenes and dialogues
  • Fast trip
  • Blocking
  • Change of day time (day and night)
  • Lockpicking guide: How to Force Locks, Craft Lockpicks

Guides of items and weapons

  • Can you repair weapons?
  • Can you sell various items or should keep them?
  • Get money fast and easy
  • Change clothes and get more outfits
  • Weapon update
  • Unlock and use of paragliding

Dying Light 2: Ultimate Guide to Easily Farm Infected Trophies, Money & Combat XP (Unlimited!)

Open world areas and structures – Dying Light 2 Wiki

  • Windmills and faction structures explained: how to activate, assign to a faction and what they do
  • Explanation of the alignment of the city: Should it be alry with pacifiers or survivors?

Character Guides

  • Change the appearance of the character
  • Increased resistance
  • Increased immunity to darkness
  • Get combat points and parkour
  • Run and run faster

Dying Light Search Guides 2

  • The search guide for the only output: How to meet people from Bazaar

We will be updating this Dying Light 2 wiki guide with more tips and tricks in the next few days and weeks, so be sure to check soon.

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