EA says goodbye to the MX league, Efootball is his new home

EA says goodbye to the Liga BBVA MX in the video game FIFA since the Japanese company Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc . announcement today the historic exclusivity agreement for the video game Efootball . This will allow all fans of the Mexican League to play with their favorite clubs.

This firm will allow Konami to access:

  • Players
  • Stages of the BBVA MX league

  • 3D scans
  • Captures of movement
  • And faithful recreations of the official uniforms of each club.

This process of implementation will begin from the summer of 2022.

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“We are delighted to welcome Konami to the BBVA MX league, a strategic partner that with its great experience over the years hLeague shown that it shares our philosophy and pLeaguesion for football,” said Mikel Arriola, Executive President of the BBVA League MX “This Leaguesociation is a symbol of our commitment to promote the global reach and league exposure to higher levels, offering a new interactive experience to the great hobby in Mexico and beyond our borders. This Leaguesociation will give us the possibility of meeting other hearings, achieving a new level of roots between the different generations of Gamers and will also open opportunity windows for the growth of the 18 clubs in all Leaguepects, “the manager said.

Yuta Kose, president of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., commented on this Agreement: “We are proud to have the BBVA MX league League partners and the opportunity to bring our fans in Mexico and the United States to their favorite clubs through Efootball. League partners, we will work in collaboration with the league to offer the best to our respective audiences. From the polishing level in the game and the representation of the league with kits and official shields to the way fanatics will participate inside and outside the digital playing field, our goal is a completely immersive experience for all generations “.

With this new Leaguesociation, the BBVA MX league will eventually arrive at Efootball on upcoming dates and will undoubtedly come with new sponsorship agreements. In addition to the various marketing activities and the future implementation in the Game of the BBVA MX League in Efootball, this Agreement will create an esports competition for both amateur and professional players. Soon more details about the format, prizes and other Leaguepects will be announced.

Efootball is a soccer video game platform from Pro Evolution Soccer and Winning Eleven manufacturers. It’s free and the full version of Efootball 2022 (1.0.0) will arrive at PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC This spring, shortly after you will arrive at iOS and Android.