CEO of Korea-China Date, TFT Asian Cup 12 days opening

Developing a strategic team battle (TFT), the Ryist Games, which is serving the East Asian Cup, which is the first East Asian region, which is the first time the TFT E Sports Company, is held for the first time and 13th.

‘TFT Asian Cup’ is a tournament that represents the best players who represent the title of Korea, China and Japan to meet the title of the National Representative Title. The Asian Cup, an ambitiously introduced Asian Cup for the activation of the TFT E sports in 2022, will be interested in the honor of the individual, as well as the representative of the individual, as well as the state of the country, and it will be interested.

The Asian Cup, which is a total prize money 20,000 (Korea-China), and a players with the high-priced skills representing Japan, China and Japan are scheduled to participate. The African TFT Series (ATS): Africa TFT Series (ATS): ‘Azabu’ Kim Young-bum, ‘Archu’ Kim Won-jung, ‘Wrong’ Kim Wan Su, ‘Kashi Gado’ Hwang Yun-jin participated in the ” As a representative of China, the last TFT International Convention, the Last TFT International Convention: “Huanmie ‘Great Lee, who won the Championship,” Honglian “Yangjae,’ Honglian ‘Yangja,’ Qitu ‘Shen potential,’ Xiaofei ‘Liwon,’ Saopimi ‘tough It goes on. In Japan, the ‘Nukomaru’ and the second largest ranking of Japanese ladder ranking in the judgment championship in the judgment championship.

The TFT Asian Cup opens the game with the 12-day play-in stage. Korea’s representative ‘Ava’, ‘Touguu’, ‘Kashi Gad’, China ‘Qitu’, ‘Xiaofei’, ‘Saopimi’, ‘Xiaofei’, ‘Saopimi’, and Japanese representative ‘Yatsuhashi’ and 2th ‘KES’ After hitting the game, four players are the highest and the highest points to qualify for the finals.

In the past 13th, the Korean representative ‘Miner’ s saint ‘Chachilo Hon and the Chinese representative’ Huanmie ‘Gigou Fu, the first place, “Honglian”, Fourteen students and competition. The final ranking is determined in the way that the final score is the highest in the game that the final score is the highest in the game where the final score is won in the game that has played the game until achieving more than one accumulation of the accumulation of one or more.

The winner is given $ 10,000 (about W12.1 million) (about W12.1 million) (about $ 1,200 million), and $ 3,000 to $ 3,000, and $ 2,000 to $ 2,000. TFT Asian Cups, which are held at 6 pm on 12th and 13th, will proceed online due to COVID-19, and live through African TV TFT official stations, Naver Games & E Sports, YouTube, and twitch.