God of War 2 Confirmed during the PS5 showcase

At the recent PS5, PlayStation and Santa Monica Studio showcase revealed GOD of War 2 with a short trailer. God of War 2 acted as the moment “one last thing” of the PS5 showcase, but it has focused on the familiar logo covered in Nordic Runes, with the statement that Ragnarök arrives. Santa Monica Studios joined several other developers during the recent PS5 showcase that also confirmed the price of the New Generation PlayStation. GOD OF WAR 2 will release in 2021, but it does not have an official release date for the moment.

“The time is approaching,” said Rates voice over in the god of war 2. While disturbing music comes into play, Rates continues: “You have to prepare yourself. While the voice over of Rates moves away, the trailer shows “Ragnarök arrives” with big fat characters, suggesting the Fans of God of War where the game could lead them. Although the trailer does not include gameplay, it is certainly sufficient to excite GOD OF WAR fans now that God of War 2 has been confirmed for a 2021 version.

God of War: Ragnarok | Playstation Showcase 2021

Although we do not have a confirmed release date for God of War 2, it should go out next year. Many GODS OF WAR fans may have anticipated GOD OF WAR 2 as the PS5 launch window, but they will have to wait a little longer than expected. During the trailer, Rates tells someone to prepare, but nothing allows you to know who he talks about. Are you curious about what we thought of God of War? Check out our review here!

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