Strain game latest work “BAROQUE ~ I was different from waking up with my eyes ~” The app was skewfully. Visit and go through the neural tower

Domestic Inc. Sting started delivering the application game “ Baroque to wake up and wake up. “. The corresponding platform is iOS / Android and can be downloaded free of charge. There was no official announcement from the official, it seems to have been released must.

“Baroque” is a dark fantasy RPG released for SEGA Saturn in 1998. The stage is the world that collapsed by a disaster called a large wave. The hero removes memory and continues to feel only sin awareness. Such a protagonist encounters a winged man and says, “You’re sinned by healing the world.” In order to heal the sins, and to heal the world, the main character will head to the tower called the neural tower. The same work is characterized by a gloomy and decorable world view, and wins a fan in your own style. After that, remake versions were released in PlayStation 2 and Wii, and the transplants of Sega Saturn version were released in Nintendo Switch in 2020.

And “Baroque ~ I woke up with my eyes…” is an application game based on the world view of “Baroque”. The player is the “glue” of the creature disconnected from the existence of a certain shape. Players who do not know why they are here will go forward ahead. But in the way there are various obstacles. If you fall from the moving scaffold, it will be drowned, and it can be caught up to get along with the cross-shaped crossing, and it can not be advanced easily. Since the stage changes every time you play, it is to go to the goal to go far while watching the timing.

Sometimes it is possible to acquire pearls at the stage, and the new glue can be unlocked based on this. Multiple types such as “turtle glue” carrying the shells seem to be available. There is also a leader board function in this work, and “the distance reached” and the number of dead times are competed with the world’s users and rankings. There is also an “achievement item” corresponding to the actual results, and there is also a mechanism that satisfies various conditions such as “100 or more glue” and “50 yen achieving pressure death”.

As mentioned earlier, the official announcement of the sting has not been achieved for “Baroque-I was different from waking up.” Suddenly, “Baroque” fans do not hide their surprise in the series related series released. In addition, “BAROQUE ~ I woke up, and I was different ~” itself also challenged with no explanation of tutorials and worldviews, so it is an impression that there are a lot of mystery. It seems that the goal exists at the advanced earlier, or it is likely to confirm. It is anxious about whether to announce this work in the future.

“Baroque ~ I woke up, and it was different ~” is free delivery for iOS / Android. Nintendo Switch version “Baroque” is on sale for 2400 yen.

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