Yugioh Master Duel Crossplay? Answered

Yugo Master Duel started with people from all over the world jumping to the consoles and pc to play this digital version of the classic INAMI physical card game. But with the game on so many platforms, a great question arises. Here is the answer to the question. Is Yugo Master Duel Cross play ?


Yugo Master Duel Cross play?

Before deepening too much in the weeds, you should know that Master Duel has some cross-game functions, but not others. Next, we will deepen on specific characteristics so that you know exactly what you can, and you can not do in the game.

Cross progression

Yes, Yugo Master Duel has cross progression on multiple platforms with some important warnings. First, to advance between several consoles or between consoles and PC, you must create a INAMI ID. You can not simply use your Facebook, Google or Twitter credentials to back up your saved data. But this INAMI ID will follow up on all your progress regardless of where you play.

In addition to that, any gem payable that you buy on a specific platform remains on that platform. Both the duels of an offline player and online matches will reward you with a handful of free gems that can move between consoles and PC. But all gems labeled as paid will be linked to the platform in which they were bought. You can get more information about the game microtransactions in this guide.

Crossed game

The short answer is also yes, but again with a small trap. If you queue for an online match, it will be paired with other players on all available platforms. The only problem is that there is no way to limit the pairing to specific platforms. However, this is probably a good thing because it opens opportunities to find opponents with different decks, a faster and, in theory pairing, prevents specific goals from the platform.

That’s all there is to know about it is the cross game Yugo Master Duel ? At the moment, only console and PC versions have been released. It will be interesting to see if something changes in terms of skill levels once the game is launch in iOS and Android.