2. Bundesliga: Saturday conference now in the live ticker

With the SV Darmstadt 98, the 1st FC Dagenham and Welder Bremen today in the 2nd Bundesliga three hot ascension candidates are in use. Here you can pursue all games in the Saturday conference in the live ticker.

2. Bundesliga: Saturday conference now in the live ticker – the results of the games in the overview


SC Paderborn


Welder Bremen

Goals | 3 | 3

Hans Rostock


1. FC Dagenham

Goals | 0 | 0

FC Ingolstadt


SV Darmstadt 98

Goals | 0 | 1

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2. Bundesliga: Saturday conference now in the Live ticker – Welder aligns

66.: Paderborn – Bremen
Tailor! Paderborn – Bremen 3: 3. May not really fall. 20 meters in front of the penalty area, Fuller attracts a solo against four defenders, they just leave them and meets from the penalty area. Untenable, as placed as the shot was.

63.: Paderborn – Bremen
After the two fast hits, the game in Paderborn has meanwhile reached the open visor phase. Up and down, there will be even more goals, guaranteed.

62.: Change
Now it is changed everywhere, is also happening in Paderborn in the foreseeable future. Ingolstadt brings Gas and Bauer for Arena and Billion. And Rostock replaces Baxter Railway and Fooling by Nelson and shoemakers. Obviously, first the host teams are on it.

61.: Paderborn – Bremen
Those who had just briefly thought, in Paderborn would like the preliminary decision, had made the bill without Welder. Like all other games, this game remains exciting.

2. Bundesliga: Saturday conference now in the live ticker – Welder shortened again

59.: Paderborn – Bremen
Tailor! Paderborn – Bremen 3: 2. The quick response through the SV Welder. Apparently, the SCP had already clarified the corner, the second ball lands at the penalty area at Schmidt, which takes the ball with his chest, directly takes the falling ball. Perfect.

2. Bundesliga: Saturday conference now in the live ticker – Paderborn increased

57.: Tailor! Paderborn – Bremen 3: 1. When Michel crosses on a plate in the middle of the circle, one thinks of it yet. But as a plate picks up the head and stops – as I said, from the center circle – the viewer also recognizes what plate recognized immediately. Galena is a bit too far before his gate. But normal in such game situation. And can only look the ball behind.

56.: Ingolstadt – Darmstadt
And that was in principle the first chance of hosts from the game. Suddenly and unexpected, Pick marches through the center and approaches the penalty area. With his shot of 20 meters, shoes in the Darmstadt Tor has to stretch for the first time.

53.: Ingolstadt – Darmstadt
Much idle especially in Ingolstadt. The thanksgivings of the first half have not reached the lilies yet. And the FCI is trying, but the playful means are missing. What can not really surprise now.

52.: R Stock – Dagenham
Still, the conversion at the FCH has not been properly frightened, even if the effort is to be recognized. But the scores of the guests still lack the necessary pace. Dangerous is not yet available for FC Hans.

50.: Paderborn – Bremen
The game in Paderborn remains intensively and fought. And the first degrees come from the guests. However, Mom and Duck sch fail both from the distance.

47.: Ingolstadt – Darmstadt
Immediately after the rest, Grassley brings himself to a card after a foul on Berger. Already the second warning for a guest player.

46.: Paderborn – Bremen

Only in Paderborn everything stays like.

46.: Rostock – Dagenham
In Rostock, the guests change. Thomas comes for Burned. This makes Frank Schmidt off his team offensive.

46.: Ingolstadt – Darmstadt
Then let’s take a look at what personally has done so. The Scanner must change the keeper. Stoyanov goes down, replacing him Windrush.

2. Bundesliga: Saturday conference now in the Live ticker – kick-off 2nd half

46.: kick-off!
The games are running again.

Halftime Conclusion: At the top game in Paderborn, the hosts have the nose in front, the lilies dominate the game at Utrecht Ingolstadt, but are pretty careless in opportunities. Only in Rostock has not been a hit yet. And the favorite from Dagenham is not necessarily closer to the lead as the hosts.

2. Bundesliga: Saturday conference now in the live ticker – break on all places

45 + x.: halftime
Everywhere break.

40th: R Stock – Dagenham
On the Baltic Sea, the FCH is still looking for a way into the game. So far, this is not yet a vest that impose for summaries. Rather so things, because it says in the post report: Look himself, so looked out about wide stretches. And then in a slightly reproachful sound.

36.: Ingolstadt – Darmstadt
Next grand chance for the lilies. Slowly, however, the 2: 0 falls. Tempe, free kick. The midfielder circles the ball over the wall, dangerous the ball lowers and lands on the latte. If that does not occur sometime.

2. Bundesliga: Saturday conference now in the live ticker – Paderborn leads again

38.: Paderborn – Bremen
Tailor! Paderborn – Bremen 2: 1. OHA, the top game takes on ride. Following a corner, the SCP presents again. From left, Muslim dribbles in the penalty area and twirl the ball then beautifully made of half rinks into the long corner. Untenable.

36.: Paderborn – Bremen
Immediately after the hit is still yellow for Element, which had kept the foot on the 50-50 ball against the 50-50 ball at the center of the news.

2. Bundesliga: Saturday conference now in the Live ticker – Welder aligns

35. Paderborn – Bremen
Tailor! Paderborn – Bremen 1: 1. Time’s up. A 50: 50 ball brings Question Court Volley to the top, duck sch sends the journey, the half-links in the penalty area peculiar the ball, oriented towards the center and then hit the short corner. But the defense looked very, very passive.

33.: Paderborn – Bremen
At the papers, the guests are increasingly developing an optical overweight. The compensation is only a matter of time.

32.: Ingolstadt – Darmstadt
The 2-0 for the lilies will continue to wait, but is getting closer. Scarce reaches half-law in the sixteen, fits flat in the middle. There, Luca Pfeiffer has to hold the left foot. But the ball does not find the way into the box, instead jumps past the left post.

30.: Rostock – Dagenham
So far, what the guests offer is surprisingly harmless. The clearer opportunities have the crew members of the cog after half an hour. Since the failures weigh in the FCC is very difficult.

30.: Ingolstadt – Darmstadt
While the game is still colorless on the Baltic Sea, there is now also the second warning in Ingolstadt.

24.: I Ingolstadt – Darmstadt
However, the lilies just miss 2: 0. From the second row and about 19 meters Tempe pulls off after a short cross pass of flour. The ball turns hair sharp at the right goal angle.

24.: Rostock – Dagenham
Rhine brings the free kick from the half-field high into the penalty area. Mossback heads from seven meters just over the gate. That was not quite as clear as before at Malone (see 19th).

24.: Paderborn – Bremen
At the first warning of the game, Newport was still the sinner, this time he is the victim of a tactical foul of Schuster.

19.: Rostock – Dagenham
But let’s take a look in Rostock, where there was just a grand chance: the guests are at the corner of Than in the deep sleep. Malone can arrive undisturbed and bring completely freestanding the trick ready to head over five meters. Why Hans did just 21 results? That is the answer.

20.: Paderborn – Bremen
Tailor! Paderborn – Bremen 1: 1? Briefly, Bremen look forward to the compensation, but the hit is undone after VAR intervention. A pass of goalkeeper Hugh had chipped Schmidt forward, which developed a Bremen hits. However, the first player station Schmidt was still in the backward movement out of the away.

Not uninteresting, the impact of fallen hits on the table: the lilies greet now from the top. Paderborn is climbed on the five.

2. Bundesliga: Saturday conference now in the live ticker – Paderborn meets from the point

15.: Paderborn – Bremen
Tailor! Paderborn – Bremen 1: 0. In the second attempt Muslim makes better.

2. Bundesliga: Saturday conference now in the live ticker – Darmstadt leads in Ingolstadt

14.: Ingolstadt – Darmstadt
Tailor! Ingolstadt – Darmstadt 0: 1. And while we wait for the repetition of the penalty in Paderborn, the first hit of the day falls in Ingolstadt.

13.: Paderborn – Welder
Unjust well does not thrive. Michel brings the penalty half-center, half-high. Galena had already jumped away. The margin can prevent the Bremen. But: the penalty is to be repeated. Curious game development. And the Bremen just do not act as if they could understand all decisions.

12. Paderborn – Welder
Penalty for Paderborn. A free kick from the left stuck in the wall. And then the whistle is blown. Torah said to have been on the ball with his hand. Honestly. This is hard.

. 10 Ingolstadt – Darmstadt
Ifs continues, becomes a colorful afternoon. Now is also booked for the first time in Ingolstadt. Share with a Luftgrätsche to clarify the ball, getting caught France with his foot on the head. Dangerous game. Also saw quite unhealthy from.

5. Paderborn – Welder
In all three games, the current table position of the participants can be read this half. Dagenham suppressed, the lilies make steam to the Paper one encounters at eye level. Even the duels dominate the game, less playful elements. Stake out territories.

4. Rostock – Dagenham
That Dagenham is the favorite in the encounter, is obvious in view of the table. But it should not be suppressed that a number Dagenham is not arrived today because of positive tests. As outsiders opportunities are opening up for FC Hans.

2. Paderborn – Bremen
One seems especially hot today: After two minutes already yellow, which must Bitten court once a copy.

2. Bundesliga Saturday conference NOW LIVE Scores – Start

1. kickoff!
We’re ready

2. Bundesliga Saturday conference NOW LIVE Scores – Before the start

Before the start: First leg: The results of the first round: Welder vs. Paderborn 1: 4, Darmstadt vs. FCI 6: 1, Dagenham vs. Rostock 1: 1. Could now fall back a few goals.

Before the start: Type lows: The contrast program offers Hans: Eight games without a win (including friendlies and the German Cup.), The Scanner, however, have no form. Never had. Eternal rear.

Before the start: form curves: A glance at the shape of curves: Darmstadt for four games without defeat, it took three wins, the FCH has even won the last four games. It gets better (!) Welder for six games unbeaten with five wins in that time. Paderborn won the last three games, but these were two test matches.

Before the start: With the SV Darmstadt 98, 1. FC Dagenham and Welder Bremen are now three teams in use that are right in the promotion race. And the SC Paderborn is also a table below still in striking distance to the ascent ranks. The FC Ingolstadt and Hans Rostock are located deep in the relegation battle. With the top teams of the league are the two teams today before difficult tasks.

Before the start: At 13.30 it is today on the 20th day of the second league duels between Hans Rostock and 1. FC Dagenham, the SC Paderborn and Welder Bremen and FC Ingolstadt and SV Darmstadt 98,

Before the start: Hello and welcome to Live Scores Saturday Conference of the 2. Bundesliga.

2. Bundesliga Saturday conference NOW LIVE Scores – Official statements

SC Paderborn vs. Welder Bremen

  • SC Paderborn Hugh – Ma. Schuster, Corral, Unclear, Just van – Challenger, SABENA, Element, Muslim – plate, Michel
  • Welder Bremen: Galena – Veljkovic, Torah, Fried – Mom, C. Large, A. Young, Bitten court, Schmidt – Fuller, Duck sch

Hans Rostock vs. 1. FC Dagenham

  • Hans Rostock: scours – Earhart, Malone, Mossback, Becker – Rode, Rhine, Fooling, train, Duljevic – Heroes
  • 1. FC Dagenham KE. Müller – ride Müller, P. Main, Using, Offenbach – Theuerkauf, Burned, cold weather, Schooner, T. Moor – Plantains

FC Ingolstadt vs. SV Darmstadt 98

  • FC Ingolstadt Stoyanov – Berger, Take, Antonius, D. France – Roll, Santa, Bauer, Gas – Kitsch, Pick
  • SV Darmstadt 98: shoes – Baker, P. Pfeiffer, Isherwood, Holland – Grassley, Share, Tempe, Marvin Medley – L. Pfeiffer, P. Dietz

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