Legends Pokemon: Arceous premieres a new and extensive gameplay: getting closer and closer to HISUI

All looks are placed in Pokémon legends: Areas, since his premise Romped has captured the interest of the fans of the franchise and those players who already know the bases without playing any title. Until now, Nintendo has delighted us with videos that summarize all the news of the game and some gameplay with which we have already entered the territory of HIS UI .

The Gameplay shows found with Pokémon and battles but, with the launch so close (specifically for the next January 28 ), the Great N aims to continue raising expectations for its next great game of Nintendo Switch . Therefore, from the YouTube Pedalos TV channel a new GamePlay has been shared with which all the information relating to the title is further expanded. While the presenters speak in Japanese during their 25 minutes Duration, that does not prevent us from seeing the gameplay of Pokémon legends: Areas.

Taking advantage of different scenarios and situations, the presenters travel areas that show well-known and other mechanics. As expected, the video shows the characteristic duality of this delivery regarding the Pokémon, because we see the surprise of finding these creatures in full nature and, on other occasions, it presents tense moments against monsters pocket that are altered with our presence. Also, and since it could not be otherwise, the gameplay deepens slightly in the battle system so iconic in the franchise.

Each new Information of Legends Pokémon: Areas attracts the attention of a good handful of players, and from 3DGames we have not been able to avoid analyze them in detail to theorize about the course that aims to take by Nintendo with their saga. If you are interested in this kind of videos, but you also want to get to the launch with the smallest possible data number, Saved that you already swallow spoilers on the network. So, with a bit of caution , we can get safe into the premiere of the game.