How does the purchase of Activision Blizzard influence the PlayStation on the part of Xbox?

The world of video games is changing radically in recent weeks. That is seen in the agitation and in the numerous purchases of companies that fall on one side and on the other. Microsoft announced the acquisition of Activision Blizzard and King for $70 billion . It is the largest transaction in the history of video games so far. But as the approach changes to Microsoft, one wonders where Sony fits into all this.

The Japanese company has promised that 2022 will be full of news: a potential equivalent to the Game Pass (which is not yet official), the PlayStation VR2, the launch of Horizon: Forbidden West and many others. Despite everything, the new acquisition of its full-life competitor can threaten his business. While the latter is slightly ahead of its rival in terms of sales of consoles and games, its number 1 title could well be questioned in the coming years.

The gap is narrowed between Sony and Microsoft

After the Activision Blizzard and King acquisition announcement, The Sony Stock Exchange shares fell by 12.8%. A blow for the Japanese company. Investors are realizing that Microsoft, through their monumental acquisitions, is growing at a tremendous speed. More focused on the production of games and consoles, Sony is being gradually surpassed and runs the risk of losing its position as the most cost-effective company of the video game industry.

DFC Intelligence , a company that makes predictions about the evolution of the video game environment, said in one of its investigations:

In the long term, this shows that Microsoft is operating at a completely different level than Sony and Nintendo. Sony and Nintendo have a strong presence in the business of games, but these two small Japanese companies are struggling to play in space. Towards which the industry is moving. It is more than Microsoft competes with Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and others. This acquisition would immediately place Microsoft in a solid strategic position.

In spite of all this, Sony is still the leading vendor of games and consoles in the video game industry at present . In addition to the many projects to come this year, the company will surely present many more. In February, the Japanese group will present its quarterly results as well as its future ambitions. It will be necessary to see if the new acquisition of your competitor will have a real impact on Sony’s vision.