The importance of a safe password to protect a game account

Video game platforms have become the object of desire for hackers. Each year, cybercriminals steal thousands of platforms as popular as Steam, Epic Games Store and Origin to later sell them in the black market. There is a great demand for the accounts’ accounts, especially those accounts that have many games, accessories and expensive items. All these products related to video games are sold, both individually and wholesale, with great discounts. In addition, accounts that do not have game articles are also sold, as they contain important personal information for spam or the farming.

Most cybercriminals employ brute force attacks. This method consists of testing multiple combinations of passwords and usernames with the hope that one of them function. The goal is to gain access to the user’s account. Weak passwords open the door to hackers. In this way, a secure password is the first line of defense against a brute force attack , since this method is usually limited to combinations of the most common passwords. For this reason, users must set strong and complex passwords, which are totally random and unique, and save them safely with a password manager. Password managers are perfect for any user who has several accounts on video game platforms. How to set a strong password for an account

How to set a strong password for an account

At the end of 2021, the Compass password manager published its annual list with the Top 200 most common passwords. 123456, 123456789 and 12345 were the three most used passwords last year in 50 countries, mainly by the most forgetful people. The cybercriminals take less than a second in deciphering this type of passwords through brute force attacks. There is no doubt that the creation of safe and strong passwords remains something that many people fight . The passwords continue to be the main authentication mechanism for video game platforms. However, most users continue to opt for weak passwords and often do not administer them safely, which makes their accounts vulnerable to the threats of cybercriminals.


A password is not automatically secure because it meets the requirements of video game platforms, either Steam, Origin or Epic Games Store. It is not difficult to establish a safe and strong password. The important thing is that it has at least ten characters, preferably 15 or even more, and alternate lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and special characters . The authentic challenge is to remember it. After all, you have to create a single password for each account, because the cybercriminals who steal passwords usually check what other accounts can decrypt. In addition, it is also important to change passwords every so often. Beyond the password, users can activate the authentication of two factors to add a layer of security to the account. This method combines a password with a single use code.