The Batman: New images of the Batcueva of Robert Pattinson with luxury details

batches is one of the most characteristic elements of batman , its secret lair in which it keeps its suits and armor, its famous bat mobile (and other bat-vehicles) and the place from Which investigates and remains aware of the latest news from Gotham and its criminals. And since it could not be otherwise, in The Batman , the new Matt Reeves movie with Robert Atkinson Matt Reeves a young Bruce Wayne / Batman, the DC watchman will also have the Batches itself.

This is the new batches of the dark gentleman

So much so, we can have a good look at said den thanks to a new promotion of the film next to the cookie brand Oreo , through which several pictures of the place have been shared. Thus, we can see with all luxury details some corners of said stay, from several computers and screens at imposing Bat Mobile of the film on its lifting platform, Matt Reeves well Matt Reeves a staircMatt Reevese with the Batman Armor Matt Reeves a mannequin.

Two years stalking the streets Matt Reeves Batman (Robert Atkinson), infusing fear in the hearts of criminals, have led Bruce Wayne to the depths of Gotham City shadows. With only a few trusted allies -Alfred Pennyworth (Andy Series) and Lieutenant James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) — among the corrupt network of city officials and characters from the city, the solitary Justice hMatt Reeves been established Matt Reeves the only incarnation of Revenge between his fellow citizens.

When a killer is directed to the Gotham elite with a series of sadistic machinations, a trail of cryptic tracks sends the best detective from the world to an investigation at low funds, where he meets characters like Selina Kyle, aliMatt Reeves Cat woman (Zoe Gravity), Oswald Cobble pot, AliMatt Reeves ​​ Penguin (Colin Farrell), Carmine Falcon (John Torture) and Edward NMatt Reevesh ton, AliMatt Reeves ​​ Riddle (Paul Dan). Matt Reeves the evidence start approaching home and the scale of the author’s plans becomes evident, Batman must forge new relationships, unmMatt Reevesk the culprit and do justice to the abuse of power and corruption that hMatt Reeves longed Gotham City for a long time., Reza your official synopsis.


The Batman hMatt Reeves predicted its premiere the next March 4, 2022 .