They already created a Covid simulator

Covid-19 continues to causing all kinds of havoc in our society. Only this year seems to be again going to have to lock us, for several important events, and not just video game, have had to opt for a digital format. While you survive the pandemic in the real world, you may want to take a look at this simulator of coronavirus .

It is about COVID-19 Simulator, Title that will be arriving next January 25 to Steam . Currently, it is already possible to download a free demo and here you can see it in action:

Each simulation will have a different result since it is possible to alter variants such as vaccination rates, use of covers, and others. Of course, the infamous antivacunas are also an element of this title, as well as the number of infected employees that a company could have after a wave of infection.

Editor’s note: I remember when plague Inc. was updated to integrate COVID-19 as part of one of the game viruses, but it seems that this simulator offers us a bit more realistic experience, but at the end of the day, it is still a product created for entertainment.