How can I play Escape from Tarkov and where can I buy it?

Escape from Markov enjoys great popularity under fans of hardcore shooters. But the game is not available in popular shops like Steam. Mango explains how her EFT can buy — with a handy FAQ.

Where is Escape from Markov?

You can buy Escape from Markov currently only for the PC via the official shop of developers. However, as the game is officially in the beta, you have to pre-order. You will nevertheless receive access.

Is Escape from Markov on Steam?

No. EFT has its own launcher and does not run over Steam, Gog, Epic and Co. 2016 it was said that the game to release may come to other shops. But still the release stands out.

Are there Escape from Markov on PlayStation and Xbox?

At the moment there are Escape from Markov exclusively for the PC. Versions for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S have not yet been announced.

How hard is the entry?

Escape from Markov is generally considered extremely hard. It’s just happened to happen at first that you go on it and lose your prey. However, EFT is regularly guided, which facilitates the entry. On Mango finds your tips for getting started in Escape from Markov.

Escape from Markov buy — the editions

In the shop there are 4 different versions of Escape from Markov to buy. These differ in price and content. However, you will receive access to the beta or the game in all:

Standard Edition for €34.99

Access to the beta
Start-up equipment
Storage Square: 10 × 28 Cells

Left Behind Edition for €57.99

Content of the standard edition
larger storage space: 10 × 38 cells

Prepare for Escape Edition for €79.99

Content of the LEFT Behind Edition
Immediately a good call to the dealers in the game
larger storage space: 10 × 48 cells

How To Download Escape From Tarkov On PC

Edge of Darkness Edition for €109.99

Content of to Prepare for Escape Edition
Unique in-game ID
Season pass with access to all future LCS
larger storage space: 10 × 68 cells

Have you bought EFT, you can easily download it about the corresponding Battle state Launcher from the website and then play.

Queues at EFT — New Update and Hype on Twitch

On the 12th of December, the new update 0.12.12 appeared with a new map and a wipe. That led to a new tip of players. However, the update also brought some problems with — about unstable servers and associated queues.

Also, at the end of 2021, new Twitch drops came to reward viewers for looking of streams with in-game items. As a result, EFT became the largest game on Twitch and an actually small, Australian streamer for the new number 1.

In addition, you will get all editions from Escape from Markov to 25% until January 5th. That too has favored the player’s rush. Straight is an ideal time to start with EFT. Or at least to get it and then play as soon as it goes back.