FC Bayern – Uli Hoene ? talks about his time in prison A butterbrezn was a luxury

Jörg No bung (born August 6, 1967, in Even) is a German professional athlete representative and gamer agent. He is proprietor and also handling director of the Agency Clung SportsNetwork, which appreciates the treatment as well as advertising of expert athletes.

UPI Honey celebrates his 70th birthday on 5 January. For the occasion, the honorary president spoke of FC Bayern in the interview with Sport-Informations-Dienst (SID) about his time in prison, his career, BVB Star Erlang Haaland and FCB coach Julian Nagelsmann.

Hotness also commented on the upcoming birthday celebration, his agreement with Time Hildebrand and the major conflicts during his career. Earlier, Hotness had already announced in an interview with DPA to speak.

UPI Hotness about…

… his health:

. My knees could go better, otherwise I’m happy I play golf, ride my bike, sit on the exercise bike — just jogging does not go more, and that I lack a friend now gets an artificial knee joint, it is operated by a robot.. If that goes well, I have to also times superior.

… his time with the family:

… I used to always at half past seven, returned eight out of the house late this has already changed But unfortunately Corona does not stop even before the family of Over Christmas were all there — my daughter and her husband and two children from Ottobrunn, my son and his wife and their two children from Nuremberg. But otherwise it is difficult at the moment to meet. As long as that is so, we will continue to very hold us back. We were also the last two years no longer on vacation or in our apartment in Switzerland.

… the turmoil at the AGM:

We are all agreed that the event did not go well. Maybe we should have tried before to address the critical points clearer. But it had a legal basis that the district court had not accepted the Qatari proposal. However, it was a Much of come of the members on this evening only reason to focus attention to that. The fact that we presented at the beginning of the meeting success and numbers of which can not even dream of, especially in the Corona-time other clubs, no one was interested. So I have also thought: What’s going on here, it is certainly not all bad at Bavaria on the contrary.

… the sponsorship deal with Qatar Airways:

I would be in favor of extending the contract personally. But only if we feel that we are contributing, things that improve on-site. In my opinion, nothing improves when setting such cooperation. If the FC Bayern no longer travels to Qatar if their the football and handball World Cup and no Tennis Tournament held longer, the country is not so focused I was in Qatar -. Unlike most critics and I have the impression that you are us.. Listening there, the conversations that we perform there, are controversial and critically -. And constructive that the conditions there are not as good as the many imagine, I know also is involved in many large German companies Qatar we have. Spoken with the federal government prior to this partnership, which has called for relations with Qatar. The other day I got submitted by one of the largest German business leaders a study according to which only s Eben percent of countries have human rights as most imagine. If you can not work with Qatar, which at 93 percent of the country would be true. Then you have no chance against Manchester City, Paris and soon Newcastle. Then we need internationally no longer play along.

… the difficult letting go at Bavaria:

I may have made the mistake in the beginning to think that I must be still present and assist There was meanwhile about unspeakable attacks on Hasan Salihamidzic, since you can not only support from the Tegernsee from Even Herbert Gainer asks me for my opinion. — I was mainly responsible to convince him to take over the presidency But over the now more than two years, I have also learned that it is better to be less present -. And consistently implemented Karl-Heinz has quickly. I manage it.

… Julian Nagelsmann:

We had already Hans Flick great success and a very good coach. But Julian sets here despite his young age excellent performance down. This could have been necessarily expected in the short time not. It almost looks as if he were already. Ten years for us, he has improved a lot of players What I Arachne him very high. This is particularly true for many young players to whom he gives the feeling of belonging earlier it was partly caused me too early for new players I have. Never heard at Julian. That feels Bavaria very well.

… international competition:

I can not remember that Paris or Manchester City ever won the Champions League — FC Bayern quiet. We respect their great performance — Pep Guardiola makes at City a great job, Paris plays very good football — but we are very good football — but we are absolutely in a position to keep up. However, I do not know how that looks in a few years. That depends, among other things, strongly from the pandemic.

… Erlang Haaland:

So one thing is certain: that Erlang Haaland every team of the world would be well-to-face. That’s no question. And if we did not have Robert Lewandowski, Thank God, we have to deal with Haaland’s FC Bayern. But Robert will be able to play at least three, four years at such a high level. And then the FC Bayern would be beaten with the bell bag if he would send Robert to Haaland at all the price of Haaland. I can only fully support when our responsible persons say That they put on Robert. But that has nothing to do with the fact that you can accommodate Haaland’s highest appreciation.

… his career:

I’ve reached everything. I won everything as a player, also as a manager and president, over 60 titles. But I’m not a statistician at all. With me at home you will find no indication of my career. There is a photo of PEP and there is a photo of PEP me: Dear UPI, forever your friend, Pep. In the kitchen, that’s all. What fulfills me with great pride: if I think about how I have taken over the club with 27 years. Eleven million marks sales, seven million debts, 8000 members, an Olympic Stadium, where it was uncomfortable to sit around this season. Now we have over 300,000 members and the Allianz Arena soon, soon the SAP Garden for our basketballs. Since I have made a big contribution, difficult things implemented. There were real fights, with whether Christian Use and also with Edmund Striker, with which I am perfect friends. It went to whether the Olympic Stadium is rebuilt or the Allianz Arena is built — there Unfortunately, I had to tell him: Do not forget, FC Bayern has more fans than the CSU voters — and all who all want to have a real football stadium!

… praise for the FCB from politics:

Markus Söder once said: If it’s fine to Bavaria, it’s good for Bavaria. This is a very nice sentence — especially by a Nuremberg fan. Or Heinrich von Pierre, the former Siemens boss and a good friend who told times that he was in the prime minister in China and wanted to make him a gift, bring us the FC Bayern to Beijing, who said that. These are stories that make a pride.

… his tax evasion:

I made a huge mistake to whom I stand. At that time after this verdict after a long night of discussions with my family, I deliberately did not go to the revision and then in prison in the opinion of the competent people exemplary behavior and thus the Get half-penalty. That would never have been the case if I had only the smallest smallness to come to debt if the leaf would not have been flowering white — the half-penalty wars in Bavaria only three percent of the prisoners. I was one-three-year-old years Gun for my mistake.

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… the consequences of the detention:

I lost a few friends at that time, but also won many new ones. I have received about 5,000 letters in my cell, partly by people, of whom I would not expect that, also of incredibly many foreign people. What has that made with me? I felt great humility about how life can be like that. I have learned to be pleased about little things to experience with very little moments of happiness. A practitioner has given me a buttercream, that was a luxury.

… fear in prison:

I was afraid before, because you hear that in prison always something happens that there are conflicts. But I was treated very correctly. But I also had difficult times, there were ballpoint pen, which had a camera in it Photographing me. One of the prisoners has photographed me naked under the shower and tries to sell the material to newspapers.

… positive social contacts in prison:

I’ve earned money there, 2.21 euros the hour, and thus had about 100 euros per month money shopping. The others who have not worked had less. If they have used an olive oil for their tomato salad, I have them Being able to help. My 100 euros were always gone, although I did not even need half.

… the big conflicts:

The big conflicts were with Christoph Drum, Will Lemme and last with Paul Crater. They are all cleared, that makes me very happy. Also, with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge — that was not a big problem, but as long as we worked together, there were worked One or the other irritable shop. Everything is fine.

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… the celebration for his 70th birthday on January 5:

We only celebrate with the family. We make a nice food at home. I intended to make a feast of 100, 150 people with the cabaret art Monika Grubber, because I wanted to laugh at the guests — even if those from the Rhineland or Hamburg at Monika did not always understand everything. But that is unfortunately not possible for Corona. I hope we can make a big party in June, if my wife will also make 70.

… the food at Time Hildebrand:

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With Time Hildebrand I phoned, I will definitely visit him in Stuttgart in his restaurant, he has my firm commitment. I have no problem with vegetarian or vegan food. Everyone should eat his sausage — and let me go, I just want to point out that the vegetarian is not necessarily as healthy, how many do. And I want everyone who thinking differently, let me mean my mind. That must be possible in a democracy. At the Landscape Scene Example also that these people are unwilling to accept other opinions, but expect that from the others. I’ll let me know.