Halo infinite launches new dlc from mister chief

The Infinite Potential of Halo Infinite Campaign DLC

343 Industries continued to add new content of routine to Halo infinite since it was launched earlier this month. While much of this content has been free and has included new reproductive lists, revised challenges and general error corrections, the study has also made available some premium DLC pieces. Once again, this trend continued this week as Halo infinite has now seen the arrival of a new DLC «Mister Chief».

As of today, Mister Chief has opened way officially in Halo infinite in the form of a series of new cosmetic items. Available to buy at the game store, this downloadable Mister Chief content package includes much news that resemble the mascot of all the life of the series. This downloadable content package is available specifically to buy by 2,000 credits at this time and includes a new vehicle decal, a weapon amulet and an artificial intelligence partner, all of which presents the silly aspect of Mr. Chief. You are the absolute zenith of the human effort and a perfect encapsulation of human talent, and now there is a personnel at height, said 343 on Twitter about the launch of this new DLC package. «The Mister Chief package is now available at Halo infinity store!»

If you are reading this, and you have no idea who is the boss, well, surely you are not alone. The character began to appear more than 15 years ago in blog posts of the former halo developer, Bungee. The character ended up becoming a success among the community of Halo and since then has appeared in many other ways in recent years. As you can surely see, the name Mr. Chief is meant to play with Master Chief, who is the main protagonist of the whole Halo series. His gaze also reflects the teacher’s chief, although he has a silly smile that can somehow be seen through his armor. Try not to think too much on how that works.

As mentioned, this Mister Chief package is available to pick up right now if he is interested and can be found in all the iterations of HALO INFINITE. If he has not played the game for himself, he can do it at Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC.