EA triumphs at Christmas Your games are the most bought during parties in United Kingdom

Of course, EA has managed to get the attention of an overwhelming number of players. Powerful franchises such as FIFA, who have captivated players Year after year, have made the developer and publisher becomes one of the most popular companies during Christmas in the United Kingdom. A feat that repeats with its FIFA 22 and a dominance in the very outstanding market.

EA has dominated the Christmas panorama on 13 occasions This information has been released thanks to JFK, a company specialized in analysis in the consumer products industry. Christopher During, Journalist of Games industry, has had access to a list of video games in the United Kingdom who have occupied the Top 1 at Christmas since 1984. Here, we see as EA has triumphed up to 13 years with Games like Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun or those already mentioned FIFA deliveries.

But Activision Blizzard is not far behind in this popularity competition, since it has led the Christmas season by 10 chances Thanks to the titles of Call of Duty, a prize that has not achieved this year cause of an unstoppable FIFA 22. Leaving aside these two companies, the list also presents Curiosities As Nintendo has only starred in 1998 with Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Johnson's Christmas party nightmare continues

These data do nothing but reaffirm the EA position in the video game market, because we already knew that FIFA 22 continues to reign the British lands since its launch in October. In addition, this popularity has given a lot of information to EA about the success of its games or tendencies of its users, something that has recently shared with the game data of 2021.

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