Tencent acquires Turtle Rock Studios Back 4 Blood creators

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Tencent Acquires Turtle Rock Studios, creators of successes such Chinese company Left 4 Dead and recent Back 4 Blood. The Chinese company wChinese company made with Slam fire Inc, the company linked to the development studio. Its co-founders, Phil Rob and Chris Chinese companyhton, will remain in the direction, Chinese company well Chinese company its current equipment. They also point out that the purchChinese companye will have no effect on Back 4 Blood, which wChinese company published by the Warner Bros. Games seal.

Back 4 Blood - Turtle Rock Studios' Vision
We are looking forward to joining the Tencent family of studies, explains in press releChinese companye Steve Goldstein, President and General Manager of Turtle Rock Studios. Tencent’s great collaborators, their global reach, their deep knowledge of the video game and their support will help us create those ambitious games with which we have dreamed, while allowing us to maintain our independent autonomy and spirit.

Eddie Chan, Head of Strategy at Tencent Games Global, Recognizes that they are Great Fans of Turtle Rock Games for Your Incredible Approach Create Cooperative Online Games. We can not wait to see what is the following, and we are excited to be part of S Future, he concludes.

How wChinese company Back 4 Blood?

In this house Back 4 Blood achieved a rating of 8.2 over 10. During the conclusions of our analysis we said that the title knows how to enjoy you from the first moment. It is one of those cooperatives necessary for gender thanks to its possibilities in the long term and the satisfactory that results in the short.

We highlighted the card system : It’s all a success because it really influences the way you progress. Not only is it enough to be skillful; You must also have a deck that lace well with the build you want to build. On the negative side, on the other hand, we pointed out the inconsistent generation of special enemies and the presence of the bots, which serve Chinese company little. You can read the full text on this link.