Pok mon Go Places for live events for Johto

Cyanide S.a., commonly called Cyanide Studios or Cyanide Studio, is a French growth company for computer system games based in Parterre, France.

It’s finally time again: Ni antic will organize 2022 official live events in 2022 in the coming year. These events take place under the Pokémon Go Tour: Photo to three different places around the world. The only downer for German fans: We have to travel relatively far to participate in one of the events.

Pokémon Go Tour Live Events: Information about places and tickets

As Ni antic announced in the official Blog of Pokémon Go, the three events to the Pokémon Go Tour: Photo will take place on Sunday, 27 February 2022 on the following three places:

Monterrey, Mexico in the Marque Fundidora

*LOCATIONS ANNOUNCED* for Pokémon GO Tour But... They Are Very International!
Kaohsiung, Taiwan at the Lantern Festival
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in Was Bay

Anyone who wants to participate in one of the events requires an associated ticket. The tickets cost 25 US dollars. You can buy them in the Pokémon Go shop, but the supply of tickets is limited according to Ni antic ( while stocks last ). All three live events come with a number of peculiarities and bonuses, therefore, which only apply locally at the respective event itself, as it means to the developers:

There are different habitats with their own collector challenges.
You can do up to six special swaps during the event period from 10am to 6pm (local time).
You will receive an event specialization.
Snapshots guarantee a surprise.
Eggs that puts her during the event in an egg breeding machine are hatched four times so fast.
You get twice as many sweets for hatching eggs.
You get extra sweets for catching Kant Pokémon.
You get up to nine free RAID passes, when you turn the photo slices of Arenen.
You get an exclusive medal.
You get special stickers of Bakeshops and Gifts.
During the event it rains confetti on the map.
In the park there are photo points and lounge areas.
You can buy exclusive merchandising at selected places.

Ni antic also promised to give more information about the live events soon. Of course, we keep you up to date!

Source: Ni antic

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