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FINAL FANTASY XIV (ファイナルファイナル XIV, FAIN ARU Kanji Fortin), Final Fantasy XIV: Online, or later Final Fantasy XIV: A World Reborn, is a massively multiplayer online role-play developed as well as modified by Square Enix. It is the fourteenth part of the major series of FINAL FANTASY as well as the 2nd greatly multiplayer duty play developed by Square Enix after Final Fantasy XI. This video game has a unique background due to the fact that 2 variations complied with each other: version 1.0 whose web servers are now shut and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn or version 2.0 which is currently the standard variation of the game.
The video game happens on the continent of Korea on earth Madelyn. The gamer personifies the warrior of light, an adventurer whose look is adjustable, which discovers various places and also which will be confronted with the empire of Garland as well as the basics, the divine beings invoked by tribes of males beasts, influenced by the invocations Existing in the Final Fantasy certificate as IFR IT, Shiva or Garuda.
The initial version of the game was in advancement given that 2005 under the name Rapture with the Crystal Devices designer tool. The advancement undergoes several troubles that have, at its departure, an adverse impact. This version appeared on September 30, 2010, on Windows as well as was highly slammed for its several uncorrected insects, lack of web content or unauthorized user interface. In response to this, December 10, 2010, Chichi WADA introduces modifications in the growth team and also the start of a long game reconstruction process. Naomi Yeshiva is appointed to return to the reins of the project rather than Kabuki Komodo.
The new group will take care of creating material and patches through several spots. But the troubles being too numerous, the team determines to launch a brand-new variation of the game. On October 14, 2011, Naomi Yeshiva offered the plans of the new Final Fantasy XIV called Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, with a user interface and also a system of Game revamped and a new tale always signing up in the exact same world. This brand-new version replaced the old version entailing the closing of the servers of the last. Nevertheless, the closure of the old variation is not just technical but additionally in terms of history: the damage to a component of Korea by the prehistoric Bahamas. The new variation of the video game appeared on Windows and PlayStation 3 on August 27, 2013, as well as on PlayStation 4 on April 14, 2014. A PlayStation 5 version of the video game was announced for the autumn of 2021. She received a favorable welcome from the part Doubters and players and returns to the framework left by the first variation. Seven years have passed since the look of Bahamas. Because then, Korea has been partly rebuilt, and the citizens have neglected what occurred that day.
The video game has four extensions: Final Fantasy XIV: Heavenward, Final Fantasy XIV: Storybook, Final Fantasy XIV: Shadow bringers as well as Final Fantasy XIV: End walker. Square Unix later announces the closing of the service on PlayStation 3 however by offering the complimentary transfer to the PlayStation 4. The publisher closes gain access to buy this support on June 16, 2016.

Square Enix has published an announcement of About Congestion regarding MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV.

About 2 weeks have passed since the beginning of the Mitsuki Finale Early Access started from December 3 (Fri), but large congestion is continuously generated at each data center.

According to the announcement published, on December 7 (Sunday), as a compensation for this congestion, as of December 7, All players who have paid service usage fee possessed with the product version account 7 days of free play rights were granted, but it is also to grant 14 day free play rights from the current situation where long-time login waiting is continued.

This compensation target is Patch 6.01 release scheduled date December 21 (Tuesday) 17:00, Have a product version account and pay service usage fee all players (Multiple players (multiple players Including It seems that the details of the grant condition etc. will be announced separately.

In addition, due to the concentration of the current play time, in particular near peak time, a very long standby time has occurred, and since the status is exceeding the server’s capacity, Final Fantasy XIV starter pack, and It has been decided to take measures to suspend the shipping / sales of the complete pack.

In addition, although it is a specification that the product version account will be prioritized for the full turtle version, it seems to stop temporary registration because it does not log in other than midnight bandwidth.

With regard to the future patch schedule, as noted, as not unless there are extremely large problems in the current time, the Fun Demon’s Demonism Classification: Hen (Tuesday), January 4, 2022, is notified I will release it.

Please check the official news for other details.

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