Destiny 2 Nerf des Brunnen des Glanzes

Warlocks often feel compacted in the MMO shooter Destiny 2 in the role of the supporter, even if there is no classic role distribution à la tank, healers, DPS despite the looks and the imagination of the guardian classes. Nevertheless: If you wanted to apply the Holy Trinity on the heroes of the last city, then Titans would be the tanks, hunters the DPS er and Warlocks… well, a bit the healers.

Supported this thought of super skills like the solar-ult fountain of gloss. Anyone who exposes itself to the effect of the Warlock Fountain, who has previously benefited from a loss reduction and a 25% buff of the weapon damage, and that was not only for the Warlock itself, but also allies. But the Destiny 2 fan has now noticed a non-documented Nerf after Update 3.4.0.

No buffs for allies more

The buff, which is triggered by fountain of gloss, now only affects the Warlock, who has set up the fountain, but no longer the teammates. This strengthening effect in turn ensures that players can shoot by shields of opponents, and accordingly, the damage to the affected players is considered super damage.

In the plain text, this means: The fountain of gloss continues to increase the healing and the toughness of the keepers, but no longer effectively the damage. Only the warlock itself benefits from it. And this adaptation was intended as Bungee employees confirmed To com.

The DPS profit could no longer receive season for season

On the contribution of Destiny-2 players (via my-MMO), which have observed the Nerf, To com replied at Reddit: This is not a bug or a stealth nerf. I have it in the patch notes Really overlooked, and he is intention. The goal was that the Warlock, who acts the spell, is still benefiting from it, but the team that prescribed him [the buff] no longer. This led to DPS accelerations that We had not intended and which we could not maintain meaningfully over the seasons.

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The Problem With Sparrows

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For many Destiny-2 players who fro late in the endgame, this now means a change in gameplay; Above all, for the Warlocks themselves, which often chose the fountain in favor of the DPS profit of the team and renounced a pure damage super. In this respect, the one Warlock-Main is pleased that the fountain was generated in this way.

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