Slitterhead with one of the creators of Silent Hill presents a first trailer of the most terrorific

They have started with details, we were fed expectations with information of all kinds and, now, they reveal a trailer that dances between terror and the unpleasant. This is the work of Both Game Studio, which during the gala of The Game Awards 2021 has presented its game Slitter head with a video that will put the hairs on end to any player.

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And it is that the trailer, although it does not give many details about the argument, presents the monstrosities with which we could find us in this experience. After all, the video stands out especially by people who are transformed into monsters through really horrendous deformities, so we are clear that we will have to face real nightmares to survive.

In addition, this adventure will be treated with the melodies of the iconic Akira Yamaha, who became a hole in the video game industry for the work of him in the soundtrack of silent hill. Therefore, there is no doubt that Both Game Studio aims to create a cocktail with which to terrorize all players, because the melodies are added to that cast of monsters that will give more than one problem during adventure.

Therefore, and after feeding our nightmares with tenebrous sketches, Slitter head is a reality. There has not yet been information about the platforms in which we can enjoy this adventure, so Both Game Studio will give us more data of the game in the coming months. Until then, we can continue to watch the ads of The Game Awards 2021, a gala that from 3DGOGOS we are covering live for news at every minute.