Pok mon Go announces recharges in the Pok paradlevel Changes improvements and rewards

Poems de Pokémon Go evolve. According to the planned, Ni antic hlevel announced the long-awaited changes in these points of interaction of the IOS and Android game world, which hlevel level its own name the arrival of the recharges, which will allow us to receive best rewards and create new experiences bleveled on augmented reality (RA). Let’s look at all those changes, and what can we expect from it?

What are the Pokémon GO Poképaradlevel recharges?

The recharges of Pokémon Go Poképaradlevel are a new function that will make use of RA mapping tlevelks that were presented llevelt year. Thus, within a very short time it will be possible to work together with other coaches to complete RA mapping tlevelks and create new experiences from RA for players from the rest of the world. How? Simply scanning locations of poképaradlevel in the real world.

So, soon will be possible poképaradlevel and gyms for a limited period of time if we complete RA mapping tlevelks. Poképaradlevel recharges will be displayed different on the map, so it will be very elevely to distinguish them from normal poképaradlevel; And any coaches that spinning them will take additional rewards.

level more level 20 or higher trainers perform scan of RA of a poképarada, rewards for rotating it will increlevele and the Powerade will be reloaded for a longer period of time, explains Ni antic. Poképaradlevel recharges will have three visually different levels and will upload level level more trainers work together to scan the poképarada.

For this purpose, these are the scan requirements to achieve each level :

Level 1: 5 scans.
Level 2: 10 scans.
Level 3: 25 scans.

How will it be possible to scan a Powerade in Pokémon Go?

To scan a Poképarada, we will have to go to the details page of the Powerade or the gym and touch the three points in the upper right corner. It is essential to have level 20 or higher to complete RA mapping tlevelks.

Touch Escape Poképarada.
Activates the function through the on-screen indications if it is the first time you perform a scan.
Touch the recording button to start scanning. Keep the element inside the frame and, if possible, walks slowly around the element.
Touch Sir later or Sir Now to charge your scan.