High fantasy RPG Valkly Connect holds 5 5th Anniversary Campaign A 190 series gacha with a certain character chosen is free In addition a massive diamond present

A team entertainment Co., Ltd., a group company, Inc. A team entertainment in the high fantasy RPG Valkyrie Connect (Val cone) (Thursday, June), informed a 5.5th anniversary campaign to start a service start from December 9, 2021.

A team entertainment Co., Ltd., a group company, Inc. A team entertainment Co., Ltd. will hold a 5.5th Anniversary campaign started from December 9 (Thursday) on December 9, 2021 (Walk one) (Valkyrie Connect).

5.5th Anniversary Campaign with thanks to users

Campaigns such as 190 consecutive dachas and diamond gifts, and updates.
Holding period: December 9, 202 (Thu) 17:00 (after maintenance end) -12021, December 28 (Tuesday) 15:00
Detailed information is also announced by Val cone official Twitter.
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/vconnect jp

190 consecutive geisha free! You can get one character selected!

During the period, 10 consecutive frees are held daily. During the period, you can pull up to 190 units of maximum number of times when it starts. In addition, you can earn one of the characters chosen at the 19th.

Mass diamond present! If you log in, you will get up to 5,555 Diamonds!

7 days during the period, 5.5th Anniversary Diamond Box will be presented as a login bonus. 55 Diamond 555 Diamond 5,555 Diamond is included. Stamina can also receive.
In addition, when you log in by December 16 (Thu) 17:00, you will always get 3,000 diamonds.

Update information

You can enjoy the character name! New Features Wisdom Fountain appeared!

New Features Fountain of Wisdom appeared. In the content character name in Wisdom Fountain, you can check the illustrations of all characters, 3D graphics, voices, etc.
Relationship between characters and stories are also released. The character of the character quest is unexpected by the character name in the character name! Enjoy your favorite character information.
In addition, character names can also earn unwanted characters! Collecting an item Mysterious Seoul that can be acquired by missions and challenges can earn a specific character.

New growth system Potential release appeared! [December 15 (Wednesday) Release scheduled]

From December 15 (Wed), each character is added to each character, four new parameters of stress, stress and stress. It is possible to further strengthen the character using the new item Senior that can be acquired in the new battle event 瘴 added to Tuesday, November 16 (Tuesday).

The contents of the update are also in detail in the 5.5th anniversary special live broadcast conducted on December 6 (Mon).
Archive URL: https://youtu.be/11O1GM0Q6P4

New character · upper correction character information

Active in 5.5th Anniversary Event! Sakai God Greens appeared! [From December 28 (Tuesday)]

A new character Sakai God Free, who is active in the 5.5th anniversary event, and the 5.5th Anniversary Box Geisha where Sorts appears newly awakened. A chance to advancing to connect battle!

Laura is upward revision! SPECIAL ISA Values held! [From December 20 (Mon)]

Held the latest Geisha Series Izavelfes of Val cone. The Wise Save Rows Roughly of the pickup character will be revised upward. A chance to earn a strong Laura!

Valley Connect

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A full-fledged scenario with a Nordic mythology, a full-fledged scenario by Mr. Sakura, and a fantastic sound by Mr. Sakurajima, who is attractive by Mr. Kashiwaoka, creates a new Nordic mythology worldview.

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