Company creates virtual anime

Probably the most famous number in the world, Kine AI, announces in a new video to create NFTs. But what is that at all, and why should fans be careful of Kine? Mango author Kevin Willing deals with the topic.

Who is Kine AI? This YouTube channel is not a normal person. Much more is an animated anime girl in front of the camera. It takes the movements of a person after, speaks and even interacts with their community. Thus, the TUBER has been able to win around 3.1 million fans to today. But what does the content and a Huber turn off?

No real scenes
3-D animation
Mostly inspired by anime and wildlife, anthropomorphic characters
Behind this is not how many thinking, a single, right person — later more

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What plans the begin? In an announcement video, Kine AI shared it’s approximately 3.1 million fans that she is going to work to create great NFTs. These are actually already in progress and should appear according to their concert Hello World 2022. She announces her art with the following words:

I think you have already heard a lot of the met averse and NFTs lately. It sounds complicated, but also new and fun at the same time! (…) I want to bring experiences closer to other people and make new fun experiences. I want to be more part of everyone in everyone.

Granted, the last sentence awakens my Hal 9,000 kindness trauma. Fortunately, behind Kine Ai still stuck real people — plural. So Kine does not make the NFTs themselves, as well?

Behind her show is a whole team consisting of 3-D artists, multiple cutters and video editors as well as a synchronizer. Die Kine does not exist.

Nevertheless, your art is or rather there will be. However, the TUBER or the team behind it has not yet expressed any concrete plans. In what form the NFTs appear, is therefore unknown for the time being.

Price and Release — When’s it going? A release and a price for the digital art of Kine AI, on the other hand, there are already.

So you will publish this on February 26, 2022. Who wants, may then scroll around €1,000 in the form of crypto Ethereum.

What are NFTs and do you earn money?

NFT art ( N on- F Unusual T OPEN) are often portraits, drawings or other artworks that are only in limited editions as works of art. Also, music or videos can be token and are therefore unique.

There are still people to copy the works, but as with great art, there is only one original and many copies. The information about the authenticity of the NFTs, will be stored in the blockchain ( WAS is a blockchain? Via Wikipedia.DE),

Currently, hardly anyone is coming around the topic of NFTs. Many YouTuber start their own art projects and sell them to their fans. They often collapse, even if the price bubble is filled to bursting. Around 12 million US dollars paid a user, for example, for this curiosity:

How someone earns money is probably already clear. The unique works are offered on various marketplaces in the network and can be purchased with cryptocurrencies. Otherwise, this works just as well. Customers can offer the art that they have bought themselves for sale.

What are your experiences, have you ever created a NFT, sold or maybe even buy a NFT by Kine AI? Tell us your opinion in the comments.

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