Football Manager 2022 3 tactics and formations to devastate in League with your team

Football Manager is one of the infinite games. We refer to that kind of experiences that end when we want, since we can do a thousand things before boring us. It is always possible to try to start a new game with another team, go to a somewhat more exotic league than usual… and even develop a winning tactic that gives us up to Guardiola, Kl opp or Tunnel.

Top 5 BEST Tactics on Football Manager FM22 per formation
4-2-1-3 Overload.

This strategy belongs to CLAY TS, one of the content creators about Football Manager that we recommend you to have on the radar. The strategy will make you generate a lot of occasions and force many played balls, at the cost of also granting dangerous moves… especially by the bands.

If you trust your strikers, it will be very good.

Download link at Steam Workshop.

5-2-1-2 with powerful sides

We go with a classic Football Manager as it is Workspace, someone with a lot of pedigree in the community, as well as great tops of Wonder kids and recommended players. But on this occasion we stayed with one of his most celebrated strategies in the last days as it is a 5-2-1-2.

You will get a good defense with 3 central, as well as a lot of players in the middle of the field that will allow you to make use of the back pressure that so fashion is in today’s football.

Download link at Steam Workshop.

3-4-3 with a lot of Wiki Take

We ended up with a very interesting tactic published on the FM Scout channel and created by SNAP. According to them, teams such as the Man U and the Lens have won their leagues with it, while other teams have achieved good results.

You will mark many goals with that trident, and you will press with very defined lines.

Download in Scout.