Pokemon Journeys chooses the ghostly gymnasium leader of Galar

Vines Pokémon has revealed who will be the voice behind the ghostly gymnasium leader of the Stow-on-Side gym, Allister. The most recent version of the anime has been using the Gala region in moderation instead of fully immersing Ash and Go in it, as in seasons of the past. Because of this, the fans have not had the opportunity to see many of the new faces of the Gala region in action with the anime, but there have been some that have opened way as part of the series of world coronation as BEA.

If Galar Gym Leaders were kids

Now the anime is preparing to present the other Stow-On-Side Gym Leader of Pokémon Shield, Allister, the ghost-type coach. This gym leader will make an anime appearance as part of a special event of two episodes that will explore some new and creepy scenarios (and make fun of some important updates on the way of gene gar) with the episodes that will be transmitted on 17 and 24 of December in Japan. Giving life to Allister in the new anime will be Chick Mira, as announced by the official Twitter account for the Anime series.

Mira has not been heard in too many notable projects at the time of writing this article, but he has already had some experience with the extended universe of Pokemon, since the actress provided the voice for the young n in the Japanese version of the Finished Pokemon Evolutions. Currently, it is not clear when these particular episodes will be launched outside of Japan as part of the episode collection of Pokémon Master Journeys with Netflix, but it is not the only important event of two parts that will arrive in Japan next month.

Before these phantasmal episodes take December to an end, Pokémon Journeys will celebrate the launch of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl with a two episode event that will bring back not only to Dawn and Cynthia, but to the legendary Di alga and Polka de Sinnoh. This means that there will be a lot to expect from fanatics who are attentive to the Japanese edition of the series, and even more than waiting once these episodes obtain an official global release next year.

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