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Train around train is a parlor game of the British Video Game Author Alan R. Moon, where it pertains to making use of train lines in the US. The English edition showed up under the name Ticket to Trip. In 2004, it obtained the world’s essential honor for board games, the Doubter Reward video game of the year. Alan R. Moon was honored for the 2nd time to Finland in 1998 for the 2nd time with the video game of the year. In 1999 his Game Union Pacific, also a video game with the background train, was nominated for the game of the year. Train around train — not just visually — unmistakably bonds to Union Pacific, whose video game board also stands for a United States and Canada card.

Threatening she is getting closer and threatens us all to roll out: EA and Ubisoft ride on the success wave of NFTs and cryptocurrencies, as if there were no concerns of gaming site and explain that they are the future of video games there see.

NFTs are unique virtual objects that are paid with cryptocurrencies. A more detailed explanation, what Blockchain and NFTs are actually, you will find, for example

NFTs are the future in the game market

EA boss Andrew Wilson recently announced its investors: Collectible digital content becomes an important part of our future. And that Ubisoft has been working on NFT systems for some time, no secret is more.

Basically, NFTs are nothing more than In game objects, as they are distributed now via microtransakers. However, they are limited in their quantities and have an identifier that makes them unique. Instead of using the credit card or PayPal you will usually be paid with a cryptocurrency. Above all, Ethereum enjoys great popularity in this market. He is not as untapped, as you could think and there are already several games that set on NFTs.

NFT instead of gameplay

With the axis you can fight, breed and earn a lot of money (and spend). Source: Axis Infinity Some games really try to involve NFTs in real games, with the idea that, for example, forged weapons or armor, and then can be sold. But most titles in this area do without real gameplay and fully focus on goods: the games feel more about Masquerade.

One of the more famous representatives of the genre is Axis Infinity, where you can fight sweet little beings against each other. The combat mechanics are quite simple and much more important anyway breeding new axis. They are the NFTs themselves and go for hundreds of euros over the virtual table.

To start the game, it also needs Axis, which you have to buy before. With the breeding one gets more of the small fluffy balls, which in turn can be sold for a lot of money. The developers refer to a documentary about the Philippines in this context, which deserve livelihood over this system.

Play 2 earn

The concept and above all the keyword Play 2 Earn does not sound bad, but usually you have to shop in these systems, which represents more than just a small hurdle. At EA and Ubisoft, this purchase would probably come about the acquisition of the game itself.

However, if you are limited to skins at NFTs, barely speaking of Play 2 Earn can be. Here you should be very careful as a consumer in the future very carefully. The many new terms will certainly be confused in the future as soon as marketing specialists will fall from large companies.

Opportunities of NFTs in games

However, the limitation of NFTs to cosmetic objects would be an advantage for the player. He gives money anyway, but in this case got a real counterpart, which he can later resell. Depending on performance, even gain can occur.

Why EA and Ubisoft find the system ingenious, no long research requires: The creator of an NFT usually gets a percentage share of all other sales. The encryption of such NFTs and the connection to a cryptoconto or wallet would also make hackers hard to reveal all accounts through player data. This is also the big advantage over other games where there are real money currencies.

Loot boxes and NFTs

Loot boxes are not allowed to contain NFTs as long as players have access to the controversial chests under 18. Source: Blizzard Entertainment Surely you will have already thrown an eye on Loot boxes, but you can at least give a small all-clear at this point. Since Loot boxes do not distribute real profits, they are only for simulated gambling. Therefore, games with Loot boxen may also be played by persons under the age of 18. This assessment is, of course, fought many places, since addictive behavior can also be triggered.

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If NFTs in Loot boxes should be in the future, one can assume that not only a few youth protection lawyers will rise from their chairs. These games are likely to receive no youth release.

But the system is not accepted by all major gaming representatives. So Valve has all the games that are related to NFTs and Blockchain, thrown out of the Steam Store and Xbox Chief Phil Spencer is skeptical of the development, as it often happens to play fun in NFTs, but only the exploitation the market would be.

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