World of Warcraft Soon more gender

This week, Blizzard Entertainment Patch 9.2 from World of Warcraft published on the PTR server. Detainees have of course already overturned the game data to find out possible innovations before the announcement. Here they have encountered an interesting line.

More gender identification planned in World of Warcraft?

Accordingly, Datamyne found first clues that could indicate more customizations of sex in the online role-playing game. At the moment players have at Barrier by World of Warcraft the opportunity to adapt their gender for free. This information is currently used only for different armor, which — depending on whether the player has selected male or female — are displayed differently.

If the clothes are identical in both selectable sexes, the designation Both is used in the background. Also, the term None has been in the playing data from World of Warcraft for some time (Buy €14.99 now). However, these identifications can not be selected with the barber. However, through the PTR update, these designations were found in a new area.

New gender choices at the barber in World of Warcraft?

Theoretically Both and None may now be used in the barber to adapt the gender of his figure. This would have immediate impact on the pronouns, which are used among other things in the quest dialog. However, the function of Blizzard has not yet been unlocked.

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Other games already offer extensive gender options

Since the start of New World, the Amazon MMOs players have the opportunity to choose their preferred pronouns for their character. Further details such as hair, makeup or vote can be added regardless of the choice of sex.

Source: Wow Head

From Dominik Wingman
02.12.2021 at 13:35