The European carrier Netflix gained in the sniper SKB OCA Logic Stray

Recently, 13 companies in Europe have announced a joint statement that Netflix requires networking fee.

For similar reasons, for similar reasons, there is a decision of the multi-dominance and Netflix, and the pressure level applied to Netflix is ​​increasing.

According to the one-day-related industry, this month is the two-heart-of-release preparation date in accordance with Netflix Appeals. SK Broadband side lawyers have increased not only Korea, but also to use the carrier and net flicker dispute situation in each country.

Preparation The following is a place to check both sides of both sides, not formal arguments. Depending on the strategy of the SK Broadband, Netflix is ​​expected to take advantage of network neutrality cards.

The SK Broadband official said, It is similar to Korea in the dispute in Europe and the United States, Europe is Europe, said Europe, Because Europe is close to our level, the network is close to our level.

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The official said, This is not the problem of the Korea Internet Service Provide (ISP), but the related industries have been common in the associated industry, he said.

According to foreigners such as foreigners such as American Cars, the Global Cps should bear some network upgrade costs, 13 of European carriers such as better phone, orange, and non-Bam.

Netflix, such as global Cps used local communications networks to deliver services to European users, not sharing the costs of communication networks.

The Broadcasting Communications Commission also recognizes the joint statement of European carriers, and it is a position to see how the off coming the European Communication regulatory agency is approaching.

Netflix’s consistent ‘OCT’ claim is in the mainland USA

Korea has taken a strong action such as the recent revision of the law amendment to prevent Netflix no longer avoid netted costs. This year, the first time the Netflix Content Transfer Division, a few of the reasons why the transport sector representatives were done.

Netflix side repeated a few official remarks, and it has been repeated that it has a way to officiate the service, because it installs the Services of Netflix’s own cache server ‘Open Connect (OCT on the carrier. I am reading to the intent to ignore the payment of the net fee that has already been used.

On the 25th of last month, Tower Bomber Netflix Global Content Transfer Division Director said in the National Assembly debate, In the past, in the past, the infrastructure was not so built, and OCT was not as mature as now, I have embraced fee (one of the network connection methods) as reasons, but I have not been able to pay this anywhere now.

In accordance with the principle of wireless interconnection, we do not have a net fee for the ISP on a current standard, he said, he added, he said, It is difficult to discriminate against Korean ISPs. This is the so-called network neutrality logic.

The industry’s concern is whether Netflix can mention the claims in our country to European carriers.

Netflix was confirmed to claim the role of OCT in a litigation with the US Magnetic Structure.

Since last year, multi-groups such as Arkansas and Lancaster are in progress on whether they have a franchise fee for network expansion and operations on Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and the like. In the past, cable TV providers have paid a franchise fee to the local government, and now I have to pay with OUT companies that cause enormous traffic.

According to the Lancaster Municipality — Netflix in January, California Court Lancaster Magnetic Services — Netflix, the Netflix side is transmitting 100% video traffic to the users of Netflix, and said, When users use Netflix, I explained that it will connect with OCT.

However, in the case of US local lawsuits, it is likely to see how the public networks and how they are in the public network, so it is different from the lawsuit with our SK Broadband.

Netflix argued that Netflix in July, in July, Our service is not directly through the communication infrastructure of the local government, said Netflix, said Netflix, said Netflix, said Netflix, said Netflix, said Netflix, said Netflix, said Netflix, said Netflix, said Net flick,.

Last October Arkansas, Texas each Court lifted the hands of OUT companies such as Netflix in a lawsuit raised for similar reasons.

In the Texas court lawsuit, the Netflix side lawyer said, Netflix data is sent directly through the ISP network in the area, he said it does not need to pay for the local government public network.