A classic character returns in this commercial Live

A long time has passed since the fans of Dragon Ball could see RADIO in the anime for the first time. How to forget that moment when the Sakhalin killed a farmer who was only doing his work. Well, if you had already forgotten, then you should take a look at this new commercial live-action that brings it back to life.

In Japan A commercial was premiered for the cell game Dragon Ball Legends, which shows us the return of the farmer with shotgun, which according to the viewer of radio, only It had a level of power of five compared to the thousand 500 of the warrior.

Just a few years ago the community began to show his appreciation towards this farmer through different Memes and Crossovers. In fact, many people even voted it to be the last character DLC of Dragon Ball Fighter, which evidently did not happen.

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Editor’s note: It is certainly incredible to see how much the Dragon Ball saga has evolved from the first chapters of the original anime. In spite of everything, we have seen that the work of Oriya has remained relevant today even in front of new anime, and hopefully he can continue like this for a long time.