General rehearsal DHB

Cécile Hernandez-Cervellon (Perpignan, June 20, 1974), which additionally contends as a Cécile Hernandez, is a French as well as three-time silly snowboarder, with a silver medal in Sochi 2014 as well as a silver as well as a bronze in Penchant 2018. Contend for the Les Angles and France Douay teams, along with the French national Paralympic group; Outside the sport, she is a personalized journalist and also author.

Captain Emily Book took only the small glass trophy for second place with a smile, but even without the victory in the preparatory tournament, the German handball players start with much anticipation in the World Cup. We have increased from game to play and can say goodbye to us with a good feeling of this tournament, said Unrestrained Hank Greener after 22:23 (11:13) against Vice World Champion and host Spain, who won all three games.

Four days before the first World Cup preliminary round match against the Czech Republic, Returner Alina Grijseels, who had hurt his last training in Germany, and Marlene Half on Sunday afternoon with four hits the best thrower for the DUB selection. We have a very good feeling. We made three good games in which we can improve something, we are well positioned, Grijseels said.

On Friday, the Greener team had first defeated Poland 31:27, the following one 32:25 followed against group opponents Slovakia. The World Cup finals will take place from 1 to 19 December.

Early four-goal residue

The DUB selection caught a bumpy start and decreased early with four goals. The first hit of the game made co-captain in Gristle only in the eighth minute per seven meters. Almost 600 spectators in the Spanish capital, the Greener team continued to fight slowly to the Spaniards, Olympic ninths in Tokyo, and kept the residue until halftime at two goals.

Without the still missing backspace player Mia Shock (Borussia Dortmund), Germany played four minutes after the second change first at 13:13. For the first leadership, cold cared for eleven minutes later. By individual mistakes, Germany gave the extremely exciting encounter despite a solid 22: 18 guidance eleven minutes before the end is still out of hand.

In the group E, Germany meets in Spanish Gloria on Thursday at the World Cup prelude to the Czech Republic. Other group opponents are Slovakia (December 4th / 6pm) and Hungary (December 6 / 20.30 clock). All games are transferred to sport Germany.TV.

Spain — Germany 23:22 (13:11)

Goals for Spain: Banger (4/3), Ortega (4), Martinez (3), Termed (3/1), Martin (3/1), Costa (2), Silva (1), Serrano (1), Perez (1), Barbosa (1)

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Goals for Germany: CALF (4), GRIJSEELS (4/4), Bandschläder (3), Maidhood (2), Stole (2), SMITH (2), Anti (1), Petersen (1), Reinhardt (1), Book (1), Schulz (1)