NEW World Has a wave of bathing occur discreetly

To avoid making noise to the discord server for logical reasons (to avoid the spread of traps in New World), we will not give information about players and / or that server in this article.

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No less than two days ago, cheats argued quietly to laugh at developers about the definitive Banjo of fishing bots or players who did not suffer the first wave of prohibition after the duplication error of gold coins in New World. These moments remind us that Karma really exists, Since shortly after mocking developers, players in question were found with a very charming little message for us, healthy and clean players: Make traps on the server in question.

Since this information does not come directly from the developers, we can say that the bots and other players who take advantage of the Exploits are still Beads despite the lack of communication of the New World teams. As some will surely say, the stupid ones have already received this punishment, but the most ingenious are still taking energetic measures against servers. Except that the investigation in depth, without a doubt, could open the seal of the latest children who rubbed their hands on the face of their wealth and their pieces of illegitimate gained equipment.

Unfortunately, This information is not official, so it can be a decoy to calm the possible spies of this deceptive discord. However, If this information turns out to be true, it is good to see that developers are still actively working on these tricks that are still damaging the experience of players who play within the rules. A press release can be expected, But in view of the problems related to the furnishing of objects or the paralyzing of the auction houses, the information could be on the way.

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