MAG 2021 This is how the Convention for Anime and Manga fans runs as interactive online

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The Great German Manga, Anime and Game Event Mag is again available as online-con. Plays a specially developed MMO game and meet stars like Lara Loft, Ninotakutv and Pietsmiet.

What is the likes? The Mag is a community convention of fans for fans. It all revolves around games, cosplay, anime, manga and Asian pop culture. The Mag started in Erfurt for the first time in 2019 and counted 10,000 enthusiastic visitors there. In 2021, they may return as a purely digital event, but still wants to offer you typical con-feeling.

When is it going? The likes will take place from 26 to 28 November 2021. During this time you can enjoy a live program with many stars and discover the fair in digital room in a specially developed mini-MMO.

Fighting anime girl around the likes

Sitting Down with an Ex-Japanese ????ó????????????????à???? (ft. Shibuya Kaho) | Trash Taste #11
What has it with this duel? As already mentioned, you explore the measuring landscape in a cute mini-MMO game with your avatar. But there is still a secret plot behind it! Because the two anime-girlies Megan and Maggi are fighting for the supremacy.

You can connect one of the two girls and win points for your fighter. In addition, your items in the world turns or buys merch packages in the online shop. Add to this the Mag-Livestream on Twitch, you can vote for Megan or Maggie.

You can see a trailer for the two girls here.

What brings that? Depending on which of the two girls wins, it will have influence on the future of the like the organizers.

Here you reach the MEG-MMO, where you can then explore the world and meet your choice.

Here’s the Mag 2021

Great program with Lara Loft, Pietsmiet and Co.

Who is everything? The MAG 2021 has been able to win various Internet stars, which should provide you with a strong program to live streams. Prominent stars, including Lara Loft, Ninotakutv, Pietetsmiet and Fishc0p are celebrities.

An exhibitor include developers Cap com, the Publisher Kane and the well-known anime service Crunchyroll. All this can be found if you explore the Mag world virtually.

Disclaimer: The YouTuber network alliance belongs to Gamester, Gamer and Random to Media. We accompany the event to support our partners.