NEW WORLD New update published after maintenance

Paper Mario is a collection of video games that becomes part of the Mario franchise, established by Intelligent Solutions and also dispersed by Nintendo. It integrates components of the styles of action-adventure, function and reasoning. Players control a Mario variation as a paper cut, often helped by allies, on a mission to beat the antagonist, usually Bowler. The series includes six video games as well as a spin-off; The initial, Paper Mario (2000), was launched for Nintendo 64 as well as one of the most current, Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020), for button.
The first video game of the series was born as a follow-up to Super Mario RPG (1996), developed by Square for the Super Nintendo, nonetheless, the adjustments introduced in the development led the video game to finish up becoming an independent game. Although the initial sets of the series had a good reception, the developer, Ensure Manage, determined that each of them out of a different style as well as had different gaming elements, that made the collection gradually alter sex, passing from the Role games to action experiences, although some duty components stay present in the series.
The initial 2 games of the series, Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, obtained a great reception from the specialized objection and his debate was praised, the characters and his strange video game auto mechanics. With the launch of Paper Mario: Sticker Label Star In 2012, the series started to get criticism for its sex change, yet remained to have a great assessment for its manuscript, characters, music and also its aesthetic results influenced by a world of paper. Super Paper Mario is the very successful game of the series, with 4.3 million units in 2019; The collection with each other has offered 12.54 million devices.
Other Than Paper Mario and also Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros., all collection games were chosen a minimum of one award; The Thousand-year Door won the Function having fun Game of the Year at the Interactive Achievement Honors of 2005, Super Paper Mario won the Superior Function Playing Game at the 2007 Satellite Honors and Sticker Star won the Handheld Video Game of the Year In Claims Awards of 2012. With 3 elections, The Origami King was the one that obtained a better number of applications. The series, particularly the very first two titles, have influenced several indie video games such as Bug Fables: The Long Lasting Sailing; Countless components of Paper Mario have likewise been consisted of in the Super Hit Bros. collection.

Who wanted to log in to the servers of the online role-playing game New World tomorrow (from 39.99 € at pre-order), first looked into the tube. The Developer Studio Amazon Game Studios had already shut down the Realms early in the morning for several hours of maintenance. Only during the morning the servers were available again — including a new update.

This rather smaller patch had some interesting fixes and optimizations in the luggage. Among other things, he eliminated a mistake in conjunction with the ritual quest. Some players were not possible in the recent past to complete them. In addition, the update improved the general stability of the client and led the previously removed harvest worker since in the game. Furthermore, some players can look forward to coin refunds.

Here is the patch notes in the overview:

New World's First Major Update Is A HUGE Problem

It has been resolved a problem with the ritual quest, which led to the fact that players were prevented at the end of the quest when the interactive heart jury was used before the victory over Alas tor.
The harvest worker set was added to the game again
Various stability improvements.
Some coin refunds for certain problems

Coin refunds:

Considering the recent problems with skipping time that occurred at players, we offer companies and players who may be affected by these problems: a refund of coins:

Companies receive a one-time refund for all war explanations made since the 1.1 update in November.
Companies that have areas receive a one-time refund for all stations that have been downgraded since the 1.1 update in November.
Players receive a one-time refund for the house taxes paid since the 1.1 update of November.

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