Tale of Zelda Breath of the Wild modder gives Link the most awful sunburn of his life

A Legend of Zelda: Breath of bush fodder has actually determined to press Link’s sun resistance to its limitation giving the poor kid third-degree burns around his body.

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As cooperated the Breath of the Wild Subreddit, it turns out Link can actually obtain a minor sunburn when going to hot climates — mostly the Gerardo Desert. One fodder determined to push this to its restrictions nonetheless sharing a shot of Link with his sunburn technician transformed up to 10%, 6% even more than the normal 4% that it is locked to in the game.

They didn’t quit there though, as YouTuber Preposterous shared a video of them pushing this as for 100% on their network, literally charring Link’s skin in the procedure. By the appearance on Link’s face, that was very uncomfortable. Please know that the adhering to video clip contains footage some viewers might locate distressing, which the color of Link’s skin is changed considerably by the process.

The sun isn’t the only thing that can damage Link’s skin either, as reviewed in the comments of the Reddit blog post, Link can get frostbite in the colder climates too. Going from the remarks section of both the video and Reddit article, several fans didn’t understand there was a sunburn mechanic in any way. Allow alone that maybe shown up to 100% with the right mod.

This is simply an additional point we can file under ‘four years on as well as we have actually only just found this in Breath of the Wild.’ Other instances of this include discovering that Guardians can sink, there’s a piece of covert Zelda discussion, and also an apparently obscure updraft method managed with using a few chili peppers.