Microsoft Virtual Museum for Xbox

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The Xbox 360 is a video game console developed by Microsoft as well as follower to the first Xbox. The project name of the console was Xenon. In journalism, she was additionally referred to as Xbox 2 or Xbox Next before notification of the name. It was presented at the end of 2005 on the market of the United States, Europe as well as Japan. In Oceania, she was available from completion of March 2006. It is the second game console of the Xbox item line and remained in competitors for the Sony PlayStation 3 as well as Nintendo Wii. For the Xbox 360 there is an on-line service called Xbox Live, which enables users to play on-line, download games (Xbox Live Game) in addition to songs, television programs and motion pictures by Xbox Music as well as the Xbox Video clip Website to buy and also Stream amen. Microsoft announced in June 2014, terminated over 84 million gaming consoles and also to have actually achieved sales of 37.7 billion US bucks with game sales. The follower, the Xbox One, showed up on November 22, 2013. Microsoft offered on 20. April 2016 revealed that the manufacturing of Xbox 360 was established, and the last systems are marketed out. The on the internet assistance for Xbox Live is not impacted for the time being.

Xbox has created an incredible virtual museum for its 20th anniversary

For the 20th birthday of Xbox, Microsoft has come up with something great: a virtual museum that you can visit with your browser. In the museum you will learn more about the Xbox story that started twenty years ago. From the very first original Xbox to today’s Xbox Series X. As avatar in 3D, you can virtually stroll through the museum and retain on panels to activate them for background information. But your own personal museum is particularly great. Sign up with your account and visits it to learn more about your own Xbox story. For example, which games you played the most, when you have logged in with which console for the first time and more. You can now visit the Xbox Museum at Admission is free.