The architect of PS5 talks about the development of the console and the ambitious objectives that were marked

We still remember that presentation in which Mark CERN, the main Hardware Manager of the PlayStation 5 talked about the benefits of the new Sony machine. Now, a year after its launch, the good of CERN has again offered a lot of new one Information about the development of the console in a video published by Wired.

Playstation 5 System Specs Deep dive tech talk with Mark Cerny

CERN has talked about its experience as a game developer The first PlayStation or Marvels Spider-Man, something that has led him to work with many development teams throughout all this time and that it makes it easier to understand what are those things that are help and Which are interposed on your way when faced with the development of console games.

In the talk he remembered the opinion of Tim Sweeney, the founder of Epic Games, who, as he told CERN said that the hard drives were braking the industry. CERN has exemplified many of the limitations and design tricks that were integrated into the games to hide the speed lack of tough disks, such as slow elevators or narrow passages to slide.

Tim Sweeney assured that hard drives were holding the industry among the main demands of developers, was that of an NVMe SSD with a reading speed of at least a 1 GB per second, something That for CERN was not enough, looking to reach figures of five or ten times higher, finally, the SSD of the console was able to reach 5.5 GB per second. He has also highlighted the advantages of new file compression, which allows some games, despite having larger files, came benefited from compression, coming to occupy less on PS5 than in their versions of PS4.

CERN has continued with an interesting technical chat on the different pieces of the console, such as his CPU, x86-64-AMD Ry zen Zen 2 eight core riding PS5. In the video, Mark CERN is not limited to talking about those Integrated News and those who recovered from PS4, he also tells us some proposals he would have liked to integrate and finally did not arrive. Sonys last console came to the market on November 19, last year and since the company have celebrated its successful sales despite being facing hard problems for its production.