PS5 Sales Information Summary November 19 The Sony Store is carrying out a lottery sale for direct store stores and Geo announces a new lottery

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PlayStation 5 (hereinafter referred to as PS5), which provides a new generation game experience, has reached the released on November 12, 2020. The degree of attention to the latest hardware is very high, and pre-reservation is sold out anywhere. Sales of the day first showed a heated popularity that was not visited.

About PS5 that is difficult to obtain after the release date, we will check the latest information on sales situations and lottery sales and deliver a more extensive recruitment that can be applied to the web and official apps. Please check the receptionist that you have not yet applied and how to apply it.

◆ Status of November 19- Sony Store starts drawing sale at a retail store

Each store has been drawn and sold in anticipation, and at the moment Seven Net Shopping continues to be developed. In addition, although it actually carries the foot, Sony Store is carrying out lottery sales at directly managed stores. If you have a store nearby, please consider this too.

Besides this, Geo will notice that new lottery reception will be held from November 22. As expected to date, we will apply from Geo app, and the reception period is until 17:59 November 25:59. Your applicants will introduce the app now.

◆ About lottery sales of Sony Store

Sony Store is carrying out PS5 lottery sales in direct store (Gina, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka Tenpin, Sapporo). You can come directly to the store and apply by answering the questionnaire.

As my Sony ID is required for application, lets finish in advance if you have not obtained it. You also need to register an address, etc. on my Sony ID. In addition, please keep in mind that it will be taken over at the store when winning.

◆ About lottery sales of Seven net shopping

Seven Net Shopping launched a new lottery sale. This application is accepted until 15:00 November 22nd.

This lottery is intended for Customers with purchase history of more than 1,000 yen for taxes over 10,000 yen for Seven Net shopping from October 1st, 2020 to 2020. As we can meet the conditions from now, please follow if you have the product you want. Please note that the payment method at the time of winning will only be purchased when the store receipt is available.