Restricted edition Xbox Series X console conceals some concealed Halo Infinite references

The Halo Infinite-themed Xbox Series X restricted edition console is concealing some cool keys referencing 343 s follow up.

As initially reported earlier today by The Edge, users that were fortunate enough to get their hands on the new minimal edition Xbox Series X have actually uncovered it houses a variety of concealed details. For example, if you shine a black or UV light on the front of the console itself, it ll reveal a Zeta Halo sign, as you can see in the exploration from a Reddit user simply below.

Successive is an additional concealed key including a UV light. If you take place to beam the light on the product packaging for the Halo Infinite-themed Xbox Series X controller, a picture of the timeless Battle each other controller will turn up on the packaging instead where you re beaming the light.

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Finally, you ll actually earn an-game tool beauty for your Halo Infinite weapons if you purchase the restricted version controller. You can see an instance from the Twitter user simply below, where they expose that a weapon beauty appearing like the controller itself is connected to the side of their assault rifle in the Halo Infinite open multiplayer beta.

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There s just a few weeks currently up until Halo Infinite is lastly with us, and the long haul is mercifully over. While the present Halo Infinite open multiplayer beta rolls on for all, Halo Infinite s campaign as well as full multiplayer mode launch early following month on December 6 for Computer, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and also Xbox Series S.