FC Bayern Uli Hoene explains failure of FC Schalke 04 Too many people

UPI Hotness has built up as a manager and president at Bavaria an empire that seems to guarantee for the next few years the success of the championship record well. Now the 69-year-old has revealed what the Munich do differently than the competition. And why some FC Schalke 04 has got such a stumble.

At Bavaria there is no one success factor, but several, like UPI Hotness said in the OMR podcast. Is clear: We have had the advantage that we have always made the right decisions at the right time.

The longtime chairman of the board of the Munich reminded about the construction of the Allianz Arena. Also, with the construction of the new stadium they had laid the foundation for success. If we would have the Olympic Stadium today, Bavaria would still do not know where he is What do you think, what we had to fight with Edmund Striker as Prime Minister to the said again:. You must not forget that FC Bayern has more members remained had Bavaria at the Olympic Stadium, as the CSU voters ! That would have been a disaster, said Hotness confident.

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In addition to the excellent location requirements of the attractive city of Munich it s also been critical that succeeded, with relatively few executives the last 30, 40 years to contest. That this then mostly also the Bavaria gene carried within themselves is, on top of that have been beneficial. These were former, great personalities, says the 69-year-old Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Franz Beckenbauer and Co.

Townies? From football he has now not so much about

In contrast, there have at FC Schalke 04 too many people tried. Although a Clemens Townies as chairman of the board was also for many years in office, but from the football he has now not so much about Honey explained.

Townies was 2012-2020 chief at the Ruhr club, after criticism of the handling of the corona regulations in its meat processing plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück he came back eventually. About a year later, the Bayern of rock bottom with relegation to the second division.

Football knowledge is just crucial, said Hotness, it has been found, and this is no criticism of him that many business owners need to understand that football is something else. He guesses about Martin Kind, long time CEO of Hanover 96, as one of the best German entrepreneur. Nevertheless, just not to turn Hanover something clever it creates child.

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Hotness reasoned: Because one, I believe, must have played at a certain level football to really durchzublicken And is taken seriously, especially with the players. So players from Bertha BSC also would rather put up with investor Lars Windsors not a criticism, he speculated.